Disguise a plastic bottle as a pretty vase

Turn any tin can, Mason jar, or plastic bottle into an instant vase with a wallpaper disguise. Get tutorial here

Make a pretty spring vase from a bowl

Transform a thrifted wooden bowl into a custom floral vase with a little Mod Podge and some pretty spring printed fabric. Get tutorial here

Repurpose brown bottles as flower holders

Upcycle antique-looking amber bottles as vases to display your beautiful florals. Get tutorial here

Arrange flowers in a cabbage vase

Create a blooming cabbage flower arrangement as a centerpiece for your spring table. Get tutorial here

Use eggshells as cute little vases

Keep your eggshells and fill them with beautiful fresh blooms for a cute little window display. Get tutorial here

Dress up your window with hanging jar vases

Stick fresh flowers into jute wrapped mason jars for pretty, spring window decor. Get tutorial here

Marble a glass vase with nail polish

Pretty up a plain dollar store glass vase with nail polish for a fun, colorful marbled finish. Get tutorial here

Make shabby chic French vases from tin cans

Put your old tin cans to good use by having them hold your fresh seasonal flowers. Get tutorial here

Decorate glass jars with cute bird faces

Give old glass jars a new life for spring with chalk paint and cute bird faces. Get tutorial here

Line a vase with Peeps for a fun Easter arrangement

Layer Peeps around your vase for a cute, colorful addition to your Easter floral arrangement. Get tutorial here

Transform a glass bottle with color block paint

Achieve a gorgeous two-toned effect using tape and paint. Get tutorial here

Upcycle ugly rain boots into gorgeous spring vases

Turn your old rain boots into stunning vases with a lovely ribbon and bright faux flowers. Get tutorial here

Make a birch log flower centerpiece

Tie white birch logs to a glass vase and fill with bright flowers for a lovely contrasting color flower arrangement. Get tutorial here