Install a rustic pallet wood wall

Put up a pallet wood wall for an industrial, rustic vibethis is one of our personal favorite small laundry room ideas. Get tutorial here

Utilize every inch of wall space

Stack your washer and dryer, and then go ahead and install shelves and drawers before hanging a pegboard and hooks to maximize your space. Get tutorial here

Build a simple ladder shelf

Add a ladder shelf in the corner of your room to hold some basic laundry items—nothing fancy, but it is functional. Get tutorial here

Turn a sink cabinet into counter space

Convert an old sink cabinet base into a laundry basket holder and work area, and put up new wood shelves to provide extra storage. Get tutorial here

Spruce it up with pretty decor

Transform your basic laundry room with its oh-so-blah interior into a cheerful spot with pretty decor and functional shelves. Get tutorial here

Hang a pretty chandelier

Makeover your laundry room with new cabinets, countertops, and shelves, and hang a pretty chandelier to give your space a bright, happy vibe. Get tutorial here

Install new cabinets

Add some storage to your small laundry room by installing simple cabinets above your washer and dryer. Get tutorial here

Build a stylish waterfall counter

Enclose your washer and dryer in style by building a practical waterfall counter. Get tutorial here

Tidy up with baskets and buckets

Organize the open cabinets in your laundry room with an assortment of baskets and buckets to keep your space simultaneously neat and stylish. Get tutorial here

Give the walls a complete makeover

Turn your boring laundry room into an stunning oasis by dressing up your walls with wainscoting and wallpaper, hanging a glamorous chandelier, and adding convenient open shelves. Get tutorial here

Refresh your space with white furniture

Take your dated laundry room and give it a complete overhaul with a beautiful shelving unit and bench painted in white for a fresh touch. Get tutorial here

Put up some bold wallpaper

Apply bold wallpaper to your walls, and install a shelf to conveniently hold your laundry supplies and some fun decor. Get tutorial here

Install a convenient open shelving unit

Transform your dark, confined laundry room into a wonderful, practical space with open shelving. Get tutorial here