Create a dynamic tree centerpiece from all the things you’re grateful for

Invite your guests to add their own cards, and include printed messages from loved ones far away. Get tutorial here

Decorate your home with adorable gratitude pumpkins

A perfect craft to get the whole family into the holiday spirit. Get tutorial here

Get sentimental with a collaborative Thanksgiving memory quilt

Invite each guest to write a message on a cloth napkin, and sew them together into next year’s table decor.  Get tutorial here

Cultivate gratitude with a Thank You Jar full of cards and treats

Encourage your family members to surprise each other with notes of love and appreciation.  Get tutorial here

Get into the holiday spirit early with a dry erase board picture frame

Encourage your family members to share what they’re grateful for every day leading up to Thanksgiving. Get tutorial here

Say “I love you” with a super thoughtful Thankful Jar

Fill a jar with all the things you love about your friend or family member.  Get tutorial here

Stencil a rustic gratitude sign on scrap wood

A meaningful reminder to put on your porch or mantle this Thanksgiving. Get tutorial here