Decorate your porch with weatherproof pillows

Spray your indoor pillows with water-repellant spray so they could be used outdoors. Get tutorial here

Build a covered shack for your grills

Store your BBQ grills in a permanent shack that has the perfect amount of shelter and storage space to make grilling an enjoyable experience. Get tutorial here

Refinish your favorite wooden picnic table

Bring your sad, dilapidated picnic table back to life with some sanding and staining. Get tutorial here

Brighten your patio with rustic lights

Add light and ambience to your patio with wine barrel market light posts. Get tutorial here

Hang baskets of lush ferns along your porch

Get perfect hanging ferns in just 5 minutes for a romantic addition to your porch area. Get tutorial here

Turn scrap wood into a low picnic table

Create a nice space to hang out in your backyard with a stylish low picnic table. Get tutorial here

Shade your patio with shade sails

Put up shade sails to keep your patio out of the sun and to cool it down in the hot afternoons. Get tutorial here

Assemble an elegant PVC pipe table

Gather around your Bohemian-style table made with a PVC pipe frame and dark plywood top. Get tutorial here

Host a fun picnic using pallets

Entertain family and friends in your backyard with pallets set up with place settings and twinkly lights for a magical evening. Get tutorial here

Transform your patio with billowy outdoor curtains

Hang new curtains and lighting to make your patio feel much more cozy and inviting. Get tutorial here

Repurpose a kitchen countertop as an outside table

Turn a kitchen countertop into a modern, low-maintenance garden dining table. Get tutorial here

Make a convertible picnic basket from a fruit box

Build the ideal picnic companion with lots of space in it for snacks and that can double as a practical table. Get tutorial here

Create a super useful wine picnic table

Store your wine and glasses in your newly built customized picnic table. Get tutorial here