Put together a modern workspace

Make a desk that spans the entire wall with makeovered Ikea drawers and chair. Accent with a beautifully wallpapered wall. Get tutorial here

Cover a chair with old jeans

Give an office chair a new look with a jeans chair cover. Be sure you have enough old jeans and a good staple gun before getting started. Get tutorial here

Turn a mural into a whiteboard

Hang a peel & stick mural, then cover with 2 coats of clear dry erase paint. The paint needs to cure for at least 3 days, be sure to wait before using! Get tutorial here

DIY giant pegboard shelving

Build and install this genious shelving idea without drilling into your walls! It's portable! Easily move it from one space to another. Get tutorial here

Create a space saving fold up desk

Only a few steps to complete this desk DIY which doubles as wall art. Install table hinges on wall, secure into studs. Install tabletop wood, fold up as needed. Get tutorial here

Upcycle food boxes into a desk organizer

A fun and crafty kid friendly project. Create desk caddies/supply organizers from old food boxes. Cover in wrapping paper and you're done! Get tutorial here

Paint an accent wall for your workspace

Paint strokes in a few shades of black/gray all over the wall, it will only take a few hours to complete. The end result is a designer looking faux wallpaper accent wall. Get tutorial here

Craft designer looking storage boxes

Upcyle Ikea storage bins with paint and printable labels. First, decoupage paper napkins onto the boxes using a heating method. Add labels at the end. Get tutorial here

Upgrade desk accessories with spray paint

Get matching desk accessories by spray painting them in the color of your choice. An almost instant supplies makeover! Get tutorial here

Organize cables with a plugin station

Place a power bar inside plastic locker style bins. Label each cable with washi tape, place bin near an outlet, feed cables through the open handles, done! Get tutorial here

Build a filing chest + bench

This long, low chest doubles as a bench. There's room for hanging files, a sliding tray for office supplies & a bulletin board for reminders and notes. Get tutorial here

Put together a cleaning command center

Use open shelving to create a cleaning command center. Give it style with decorative bins and caddies to hold cleaning supplies. Get tutorial here

Turn a closet into a workspace

This closet turned home office gets a major makeover with paint, new storage, seating, accessories, and fresh desk decor. Get tutorial here