Build a cozy faux fireplace

Add some instant character to your room without committing to the real deal with a budget-friendly faux fireplace. Get tutorial here

Light up your living room with bronze sconces

Hang battery-operated sconce lights above your framed artwork and photographs to give your living room an art gallery vibe. Get tutorial here

Stencil faux geometric tiles

Get faux designer tiles using dark paint and geometric stencils. Get tutorial here

Put up stylish sliding barn doors

Replace your boring bedroom closet door with stylish sliding mirror barn doors. Get tutorial here

Sew patterned throw pillows

Decorate your space with patterned throw pillows that’ll look fabulous on your couches. Get tutorial here

Add character to your walls with stencils

Jazz up your stark white walls with a soft-colored pattern to give your space a chic vibe. Get tutorial here

Paint a marble design on your floor

Brush squiggly lines onto your floor, and then blur them to create a faux marble look. Get tutorial here

Make over your furniture with paint and metallic wax

Revamp your furniture with a dark paint color and elegant, metallic hardware for a brand new look. Get tutorial here

Create elegant wall sconces

Turn bathroom plungers into elegant candle wall sconces to enhance any room in your home. Get tutorial here

Add floral molds to your furniture

Apply painted paper clay molds to your furniture to give it an elegant floral look with a metallic touch. Get tutorial here

Put up a faux brick accent wall

Smear joint compound on your wall and then paint it to create a beautiful faux brick wall that'll add lots of depth and texture to your room. Get tutorial here

Build a stunning console table

Repurpose placemats to give your brand new console table a faux caning look. Get tutorial here

Paint stenciled designs on your wall

Use stencils to quickly turn a bare wall into a creative outlet with a metallic painted pattern. Get tutorial here

Install a wainscot wall with a ledge

Add some architectural interest to your home with a wainscot wall and a ledge to display your artwork. Get tutorial here