A rustic pallet tree

Brighten up your yard for Christmas with a pallet tree wrapped in a string of lights. Get tutorial here

Her glittering holiday tablescape

Style a beautiful holiday table with a shimmering tablecloth, garland, and mirror balls. Get tutorial here

These gorgeous, illuminated trees

Wrap fairy lights and modeling clay around foam cones to create gorgeous, illuminated Christmas trees. Get tutorial here

Her beautiful fairy light bottles

Wrap glass bottles in cling wrap filled with ink to give them a stunning design, and then pop some string lights into them for a beautiful lit-up display. Get tutorial here

A cozy reading nook

Put up some tulle, a strand of fairy lights, and reading lights to create a cozy reading nook that you’ll love to curl up in with your favorite book. Get tutorial here

These lovely glowing snowballs

Decorate ornaments and light fixture globes with diamond dust before sticking fairy lights into them to create some lovely glowing snowballs for your table or front porch. Get tutorial here

Her festive deco mesh trees

Grab a tomato cage and some deco mesh to make some adorable trees that’ll add a little holiday cheer to your front porch. Get tutorial here

This snowy Christmas scene

Use a few items from your kitchen to create a beautiful, snowy Christmas scene under glass. Get tutorial here

Their magical headboard

Put up a sheet and fairy lights in your bedroom for a magical headboard. Get tutorial here

These twinkling branch lights

Gather some branches from your yard to create a gold tree with twinkling fairy lights. Get tutorial here

Her adorable snowman display

Glue together paint stir sticks and popsicle sticks to create the cutest snowman display for your shelf. Get tutorial here

An enchanted vine teepee

Make an enchanted teepee with vines and twinkling lights for a whimsical little reading nook or play area for your kid. Get tutorial here

This charming ornament star

Put together a sweet wooden star, and then fill it with shimmering ornaments for a charming holiday decor piece. Get tutorial here

These simple bottle lights

Spruce up some upcycled jars with spray paint and tree outlines, and then stick string lights inside to make gorgeous lamps full of holiday spirit. Get tutorial here