Turn wooden fence pieces into a wall clock

Clean the wood, then reinforce with staples. Use 2 Cutting Edge Stencils: Farmhouse Clock & Deer Head. Follow instructions from clock kit to add hands. Get tutorial here

Create cutting boards for kitchen decor

Get out your jigsaw for this DIY! Trace boards & cut with jigsaw and stain. Make or buy a stencil, paint it on and you've got lovely kitchen farmhouse decor! Get tutorial here

Use chickenwire for these 5 decor ideas

Add chickenwire to create and enahnce various fall or farmhouse decor projects, inclduing: Frames, a cornucopia, decorative centerpieces and wreaths. Get tutorial here

Makeover bread baskets into rustic bowls

A quick & simple makeover! Use spray paint, then weave burlap & linen craft ribbon in and out of the bread basket. Almost instant rustic decor! Get tutorial here

Craft popsicle stick coasters

Glue together popsicle sticks, paint in white, then stamp with a farmhouse style lettering. A simple, easy and family friendly DIY. Great gift idea! Get tutorial here

Repurpose windows into a decorative greenhouse

Get your power tools out for this DIY! Take apart old window panes and put together to create a tiny decorative greenhouse. Add little table legs to finish. Get tutorial here

Make farmhouse mason jars

Paint mason jars with Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint (Blushed Pink). Add lace, burlap and jute as you wish to create lovely decor. Get tutorial here

Transform plumbing pipes into a candle holder

Sand and stain a 14" piece of 2x8 wood. Drill pipe piece into the wood. Hang on wall with a stud (it's heavy!) for super unique farmhouse wall decor. Get tutorial here

Enhance your guest bedroom decor with a wall sign

Try this basic project that adds much more than basic decor! Paint an 18" round panel, glue on "Be our Guest" wooden cutout or any phrase you want. Get tutorial here

Create a faux floral centerpiece

Use an old wood vintage tool box and fill with faux flowers, such as magnolias and fern-like greens and foliage. Place on a dining room table. Get tutorial here

DIY dried flower frames

A kid-friendly DIY. Pick & then dry flowers. Use frames that have 2 glass panels on either side, lay the flowers, press between the glass & hang. Get tutorial here

Put together your own tiered stand

Cut plywood into 2 sized circle shapes. Sand, add decorative metal strips. Add dowel, secure and follow detailed steps to finish off this budgeted beauty. Get tutorial here

Build a rustic Tic-Tac-Toe board

Make this with wood scraps! Wood glue and a nail gun is all you need to assembly. Paint or stain the board, add X and O letters from craft store. Get tutorial here

Paint towels with Couture ink

Carefully execute this DIY by using Chalk Couture Ink Mat, Couture Ink and your favorite transfers. Use any theme to compliment your farmhouse decor. Get tutorial here

Recycle tin cans into a spring centerpiece

Only a few supplies needed for this lovely spring DIY: Metal cans, chalk paint, decorative paper napkins and mod podge. Use as storage or a centerpiece. Get tutorial here