Make glittery coffee bean coasters

Put coffee beans in resin with glitter for square coasters that are both modern and pretty. Get tutorial here

Give your duvet a vintage finish

Create a charming vintage duvet with one pot of cold coffee in the washing machine. Get tutorial here

Dye eggs naturally and cheaply

Scavenge your kitchen for some coffee and naturally dye your eggs for a cool design. Get tutorial here

Add some depth to scrap wood corbels

Use a natural coffee stain to color decorative corbels to be used as shelf decor. Get tutorial here

Get an aged patina look on small wooden pieces

Antique wood free of chemicals in a coffee mixture with a sprinkle of coffee grounds on top. Get tutorial here

Make over a boring plant pot for an expensive, aged look

Take a plain, boring plant pot and turn it into a textured, expensive-looking pot, using coffee to give it an aged effect, Get tutorial here

Redye a damaged teddy bear

Repair a damaged teddy bear with naturally dyed brown fur. Get tutorial here

Age books for a unique book wall

Spray book pages with cold brewed coffee and then arrange them on the wall for some creative wall art. Get tutorial here

Recolor scratched furniture easily

Apply a mixture of coffee grounds and olive oil to scratched furniture to recolor those spots. Get tutorial here

Give a glass vase a textured pottery look

Upgrade old glass vases with paint and added coffee grounds for a slight tinted color and texture. Get tutorial here

Make vintage bottle labels

Soak cardstock labels in a bit of coffee and sprinkle with cinnamon for a rusty, aged effect. Get tutorial here

Knot a naturally dyed macrame wall hanging

Get creative with natural dyes on an easy, knotted macrame wall hanging. Get tutorial here

Create a warm stain for your wooden sign

Stain your wood sign with instant coffee for a rich color. Get tutorial here

Add an authentic tone to your DIY tobacco basket

Display decor in a woven reed basket, stained by dark roast coffee grounds. Get tutorial here