Make a playful, waterless Christmas snow globe

Download a free template to construct your own 3D trees. Get tutorial here

Up your cute factor this Christmas with mini snow globe ornaments

Fill them with tiny trees, sleighs, bells, and all those other miniatures that make you coo!
Get tutorial here

Top a Christmas gift box with a festive snow globe

Don't be offended if they like the box better than what's inside! Get tutorial here

Repurpose old candle jars into wintery snow globes

Add a ribbon around the lid for a festive finishing touch. Get tutorial here

Get creative with a colorful-yet-rustic DIY snow globe

Plant a magical multi-colored forest on a natural wood slice base. Get tutorial here

Give any jar a festive glitter globe lid

Fill the jars with candy, bath salts, or wintery knickknacks and give them as gifts.  Get tutorial here