Get festive with cheap and easy Christmas tree cone decor

Mix-n-match different kinds of rope and ribbon for added texture. Get tutorial here

Celebrate winter with a beautiful snowball wreath made from foam balls

Just sprinkle some glitter, add a festive bow, and you’re good to go! Get tutorial here

Spruce up your artificial porch tree with beautiful dollar store treasures

Add burlap bows, faux flowers, beaded berries and, of course, twinkly lights. Get tutorial here

Celebrate the gift of song with hymnal Christmas ornaments

Just decoupage classic bulbs with sheet music from your favorite seasonal jingles. Get tutorial here

Make your own rustic chic Christmas jars with a few coats of chalk paint

Fill ‘em with your favorite seasonal sweets as gifts for family and friends. Get tutorial here

Turn Halloween decor into adorable Christmas gnomes

Nothing more budget-friendly than the clearance section of the dollar store! Get tutorial here