Scrunch No Sew Fabric Into Vibrant Curtains

Fake a hem by using Fabric Fuse and simply hang on the curtain rods. Get tutorial here

Snip A Burlap Bag Into Your New Curtain

Remove the seam to each bag, measure to the size desired, and attach clips to hang. Get tutorial here

Turn A Curtain Into A Shower Valence

Replace the shower curtain, hang tension rods for the valence, and cut the fabric. Get tutorial here

Hang Bed Sheets For Curtains

Purchase 5 twin sized sheets from Walmart, cut in half lengthwise, and slip through the curtain rods. Get tutorial here

Trim Fabric For A Contrast On Curtains

Measure out four inches on the contrasting fabric and use fabric glue to adhere the fabric on itself. Get tutorial here

Stretch Your Curtain Into Patio Art

Cut the curtains down in two parts, then wrap the curtains around the boards and staple down in place. Get tutorial here

Make A Disney Shower Curtain Into Framed Art

Measure out the wall of the bathroom, paint the frame, and pull the curtain to make it tight. Get tutorial here

Have Lux Curtains With Stencils

Secure down the stencil, paint over the stencil, and repeat till satisfied. Get tutorial here

Wrap Decorative Curtains Into A Rug

Flip over the rug so it is on top of the curtain, cut the curtain to size, and spray on adhesive. Get tutorial here

Put Drop Cloth Curtains On The Patio

Purchase one drop cloth per curtain rod and drill in the brackets. Get tutorial here

Switch Out Your Curtains For A Tablecloth

Cut the tablecloth in half, and fold the fabric to have a slit for the tension rod to slip through. Get tutorial here

Trace Crosses Into A Motif

Cut out a template for the crosses, tape off each section, and fill in with paint. Get tutorial here

Craft Curtains For Your Bookshelf

First cut your fabric of choice the size of a cube, hem the edges, and gather the fabric at the top for ruffles. Get tutorial here

Sew Your Own Designer Worthy Bed Curtains

Purchase 6 yards of fabric, cut down the center, and sew a hem. Get tutorial here

Hang Blacked Out Curtains For A Nursery

Hem the bottom of the fabric and the lining, then attach together. Get tutorial here