This modern arches colorblock wall

Add a little color and fun to your wall with modern colorblock arches. Get tutorial here

A wooden farmhouse-style blanket ladder

Create a wooden blanket ladder for a fraction of the price of what they're sold for in stores using just an old curtain rod and a few pieces of wood trim. Get tutorial here

This refreshing lavender wreath

Affix bundles of lavender to a wreath form to create a beautiful wall hanging with a pretty shade of color. Get tutorial here

Some faux vintage book wall art

Make a huge, unique statement piece for your wall using old, aged books and paint. Get tutorial here

These Boho kitchen island lights

Hack Boho kitchen island lights with gorgeous baskets that’ll add warmth and texture to your kitchen. Get tutorial here

This newly-framed builder grade mirror

Assemble a frame out of scrap wood for your builder grade mirror to totally spruce up your bathroom. Get tutorial here

A cute sponge-painted accent wall

Stamp a paint-filled sponge on your wall to make a super cute and easy accent wall. Get tutorial here

This beautiful gallery wall

Create a beautiful gallery wall on the cheap with framed prints to make a big impact on your space. Get tutorial here

A metallic sunburst mirror

Attach spray painted skewers to a small round mirror to create a fun statement piece for your wall. Get tutorial here

This modern picture frame

Glue gold corner brackets to a plain white picture frame to add a metallic touch for a modern vibe. Get tutorial here

These flowy drop cloth curtains

Bring personality and versatility to your windows with farmhouse-style drop cloth curtains. Get tutorial here

This large framed piece of wall art

Wrap a tapestry around a wooden frame and add another frame to it to create some inexpensive, large wall art for your home. Get tutorial here

These pretty ombre denim curtains

Stitch together several colors of denim to make sturdy, bold curtains that'll freshen up your room. Get tutorial here

A brick wallpaper accent wall

Apply strips of brick wallpaper to your wall for a stylish accent wall in your room. Get tutorial here