Her stunning entryway floor

Use a small amount of paint to create the perfect stencil pattern on your entryway floor. Get tutorial here

These bright, stenciled tiles

Create your dream tile floor using two gorgeous stencil patterns and a bright paint color. Get tutorial here

Her gorgeous bathroom wall

Give your outdated bathroom wall a makeover with some dark paint and a pretty stencil. Get tutorial here

This faux old stone floor

Paint your floor before sanding it to give it a beautiful, faux old stone look. Get tutorial here

Her stylish stenciled floor

Transform your builder beige tiles using a stencil and paint for beautiful results. Get tutorial here

This bold paint job

Freshen things up with a bold paint job on your ceramic floor tiles. Get tutorial here

Her beautifully painted bathroom floor

Add character to your bathroom with a lovely stencil pattern on your floor. Get tutorial here

A transformed corner space

Add some character to the corner of your living room with a bold paint job and a lovely stencil design. Get tutorial here

Her refreshed kitchen counters

Bring your tile countertops back to life in just one day with a fresh coat of paint. Get tutorial here

Their bright white bathroom walls

Lighten up your bathroom with bright white paint on its tiled walls. Get tutorial here

Her bold stenciled floor

Add a huge impact to your bathroom with a popping stencil design and bold edging on the floor. Get tutorial here

A stunning fireplace surround

Transform your ugly fireplace into a stunning feature with a simple stencil pattern. Get tutorial here

Her beautiful, modern bathroom floor

Modernize your space with a beautiful geometric stencil pattern on your bathroom floor. Get tutorial here

These unique patina tiles

Patina your tiles to give them a rustic, weathered look to add some charm to your kitchen. Get tutorial here

Her brightened kitchen backsplash

Update your typical builder grade tile backsplash with some paint to add a light touch to your kitchen. Get tutorial here