Design an affordable cane headboard

Stay within a reasonable budget with this beautiful cane headboard that’ll refresh your room with its neutral color. Get tutorial here

Use velvet to reupholster your desk chair

Sit atop velvety cushioning while working from your bedroom to make the whole experience more comfortable. Get tutorial here

Add box molding to your wall with inexpensive PVC

Elevate your room to designer level with an easy, affordable hack for a not-too-classic design. Get tutorial here

Hang a color block corkboard

Pin important notes and reminders to your new and improved, colorful corkboard. Get tutorial here

Paint a trendy design on an old chest of drawers

Restore your old chest of drawers with an uncomplicated paint job for an elegant look. Get tutorial here

Upgrade your closet with sleek shelves

Utilize more of your closet space by building shelves in only a few hours. Get tutorial here

Decoupage your dresser knobs with a French floral design

Dress up your dresser knobs to give your dresser a whole new, vintage look. Get tutorial here

Repaint your side tables with a bold green

Give your side tables an entirely new look with a bold color and some moldings for extra detail. Get tutorial here

Adorn your wall with a velvet accent mirror

Make yourself a new mirror from a scrap of velvet and some repurposed cardboard. Get tutorial here

Add height and width to an old lamp

Use concrete and a hair comb to give your lamp a new shape and texture. Get tutorial here

Put up a wood accent wall with a coastal vibe

Give your room a coastal, rustic feel and a soft pop of color with a multi-colored planked wall. Get tutorial here

Add more hanging space with a foldable rack

Make good use of empty, purposeless space in your room with a foldable clothing rack. Get tutorial here

Glue fabric together for no-sew pillowcases

Use hot glue to put together new pillowcases without having to take out a needle and thread. Get tutorial here

Paint a beautiful wall mural

Give your room a wow factor with a beautiful work of art even if you have no artistic ability. Get tutorial here

Add a slatted wooden end bench

Build a simple, yet stylish bedroom bench using stained premium pine boards. Get tutorial here