Put up simple, stylish window cornices

A well-dressed window can make or break a room design. Since windows can be a focal point of any home and a great accessory, you should show them off. Grab some plywood and fabric, and get started on these easy DIY window cornices that'll take you just one afternoon to complete. Your naked windows will thank you. Get tutorial here

Build a stylish, slanted wine rack

Make the most of the awkward empty space in your kitchen cabinets by creating a built-in wine rack with slanted plywood shelves. You’ll love how it turns out, and you’ll have easy access to your favorite beverage at all times. Get tutorial here

Install industrial open shelves

Open shelving is all the craze these days, and there’s nothing stopping you from jumping on the bandwagon and installing some in your kitchen. You’ll have a beautiful addition to your space in just one hour that will give your kitchen the perfect rustic, industrial vibe. Get tutorial here

Create a cozy coffee corner

Create a dedicated area to your morning brew to emphasize the importance of it in your home. Turn the corner of your kitchen into a cozy coffee bar for the perfect morning pitstop, complete with open shelves and a convenient mug holder. This dreamy space will truly enhance your coffee-drinking experience. Get tutorial here

Place woven baskets over your pendant lights

Hack Boho kitchen island lights using inexpensive woven baskets. These darling lights will take only 15 minutes to make and attach, yet they’ll completely transform your space. Just cut a hole in the basket to fit around your socket, and screw the bulb right in. It’s that easy. Get tutorial here

Put up stylish open shelves

Upgrade your small kitchen with open shelves for a fun and budget-friendly way to add character to your space. Remove your cabinets first so you have a clean slate to work with, and then put up your pine shelves. There’s no right or wrong way to do this - it’s all dependent on the finished look you’re after. Get tutorial here

Wrap your lampshade with mulberry paper

Cover your dropdown lampshade with handmade mulberry paper to add a beautiful touch to your kitchen. If you’ve never worked with rice paper before, it comes in gorgeous designs and colors, is incredibly strong while still pliable and easy to work with, and is relatively inexpensive. Get tutorial here

Add glass panes to your cabinet doors

Give your cabinets a sleek look that’ll complement your kitchen. Use silicone to add glass to your cabinet frames, and then hang them right back up. You’ll love how they look - but be sure to keep their contents in order since they’ll now be visible to the world! Get tutorial here

Design a stunning wood vent hood

If you love the farmhouse look, this stunning idea is perfect for you. In just 5 hours, you could use stained pine boards to DIY a modern vent hood with a beautiful shiplap design to add some lovely charm to your space. Get tutorial here

Transform a buffet into a beautiful island

Kitchen islands are very in style and useful, but sometimes they’re just too classic and boring. Instead, find a vintage buffet and transform it into a unique island that fits your taste. Add some beadboard and corbels to the back, place a solid wood piece on top, and then finish it off with a beautiful coat of paint for the look you want and love. Get tutorial here

Stencil a fun, bright backsplash

Painting is easy, cheap, and packs a punch when it comes to transforming a space. If your kitchen is in major need of an upgrade, a pretty stencil design will do the trick. Use adhesive paper to keep the stencil in place, and then paint away! Get tutorial here

Attach colored wood slats to your peninsula

Break out of your comfort zone with this gorgeous slatted wood look on your kitchen peninsula (or island) made with simple lattice strips. This look will add a fun pop of color and a modern vibe to your space with stunning results that you’ll absolutely love if you like to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Get tutorial here