This personalized shelving unit

Build a bookshelf designated to keep each of your kid’s homework and textbooks all in one place. Get tutorial here

These daily pre-planned outfit tags

Help your kids plan out their outfits for the week with small labeled keychain tags. Get tutorial here

This faux mudroom

Create a faux mudroom area to keep your kids’ backpacks, coats, and shoes confined to one area. Get tutorial here

A convenient family command center

Stay on top of your family’s schedules and papers with this organized command center with a chalkboard background. Get tutorial here

This simple paper filing system

Sort your kids’ papers and notebooks in clearly labeled magazine holders for a neat way to stay organized. Get tutorial here

A wood chalkboard wall calendar

Keep track of everyone’s schedules with a stylish, functional wood chalkboard wall calendar. Get tutorial here

This effective, colorful homework station

Upcycle wine crates into a personalized homework station to help your kids stay organized and on top of their work. Get tutorial here

A gorgeous pencil holder

Turn a plain soup can into a gorgeous pencil holder using paint, some twine, and pretty faux flowers. Get tutorial here

This lunch prep station

Simplify meal prep for your kids’ lunches while still ensuring that they have a well-balanced meal with the help of this lunch prep station. Get tutorial here

An adorable pencil holder

Decorate a tin can with a cute pencil design for the perfect place to store writing utensils. Get tutorial here

This stylish wall organizer

Bring calm amid the sea of chaos with a hanging storage system made of wood and cork. Get tutorial here

A sparkling tiered desk organizer

Dress up your new organizer with pretty rhinestones and Mason jars, and then load it up with all of your supplies. Get tutorial here

This custom drawer organizer

Make your own drawer organizer out of scrap wood to organize your supplies exactly as you'd like. Get tutorial here

These pretty desk organizers

Update some plain magazine holders with pretty fabric and Mod Podge to create decorative storage for your desk. Get tutorial here

This convenient backpack hanger

Avoid tripping over backpacks strewn all over the floor with this convenient backpack hanger made from an old kitchen cabinet. Get tutorial here