Upcycle cans into cute vases

Put your collection of coffee cans to good use by turning them into cute flower vases. Get tutorial here

Arrange a beautiful floral centerpiece

Fill a vintage silver bowl with an assortment of brightly colored flowers to create a gorgeous arrangement for your table. Get tutorial here

Embroider colorful napkin rings

Add a touch of color to your table with bright, embroidered napkin rings. Get tutorial here

Sew a pretty chintz tablecloth

Attach a bullion fringe to a piece of fabric to create a pretty chintz tablecloth. Get tutorial here

Braid raffia into gorgeous chargers

Impress your family and friends with your gorgeous tablescape with braided seagrass plate chargers that look just like the ones you could buy at Pottery Barn. Get tutorial here

Turn a sweater into a placemat

Cut a heart shape out of your old sweater to instantly create a sweet placemat for your table. Get tutorial here

Paint over your stained tablecloth

Rescue your stained tablecloth by painting it in summer colors to match your citrus centerpiece. Get tutorial here

Float candles in petal-filled vases

Beautify your table with stunning floating candles in petal-filled vases. Get tutorial here

Stamp painted lemons onto your table runner

Decorate a fringed drop cloth with a lemon pattern for a lovely, citrusy table runner. Get tutorial here

Sew your own cloth napkins

Add a touch of elegance and comfort to your table with eco-friendly cloth napkins that you could make yourself. Get tutorial here

Use leaves as place cards

Dip magnolia leaves into paint to make simple, inexpensive place cards for your table. Get tutorial here

Put together a lovely succulent centerpiece

Pour rocks into a bowl, and add succulents and a candle to it for a lovely centerpiece. Get tutorial here

Combine different flowers in a pretty arrangement

Arrange your flowers in a wide mouth vase with chicken wire to keep the stems in place to easily create a pretty arrangement. Get tutorial here

Fill your vase with lemon slices

Stick lemon slices into your vase before placing your flowers in it to add a fresh, citrusy vibe to your arrangement. Get tutorial here