Wrap chunky knit clay around them

Turn tin cans into stylish chunky knit planters with braided baked clay wrapped around them. Get tutorial here

Weave a diamond raffia pattern over them

Make over plain plastic pots with some paint and a woven raffia diamond pattern. Get tutorial here

Stick geometric shapes to them

Add character to your shiny planters with geometric shapes. Get tutorial here

Attach neutral-toned dowels to them

Glue wood dowels to planters for a simple way to add some new life to them. Get tutorial here

Draw an adorable smiley face on them

Make your succulent planters smile with cute little drawn-on faces. Get tutorial here

Use grout for a concrete look

Cover plastic bottles with grout to get concrete-looking planters that are the perfect size. Get tutorial here

Dress them in patterned fabric

Cut up old dress shirts and decorate your planters with the fabric strips. Get tutorial here

Apply pretty moss sheets to them

Display gorgeous spring flowers in pretty, moss-covered flower pots. Get tutorial here

Embroider colorful basket planters

Stitch fabric together to create super cute embroidered basket planters. Get tutorial here

Paint them metallic colors

Mix together different paint sheens to decorate your planters to fit the color scheme of your home. Get tutorial here

Tie dye covers for them

Slip dyed socks over tin cans for lovely Shibori dyed tin can planters. Get tutorial here

Give them a beautiful marbled finish

Roll your flower pot in pretty swirled colors for a fun marbled look. Get tutorial here

Add bold white stripes

Spruce up a thrift store planter with simple, bright white stripes. Get tutorial here

Sew patterned covers for them

Use painted stencils to create patterns on your newly-sewn planter covers. Get tutorial here

Transform them with placemats

Wrap woven placemats around your planters for a super easy transformation. Get tutorial here