Paint your old outdoor furniture

Update your outdoor patio furniture with classy paint colors to fit your unique style preference. Get tutorial here

Make a gorgeous mosquito repellent patio planter

Prevent itchy mosquito bites by strategically placing lavender and mint around your patio. Get tutorial here

Build a super sturdy swing set

Assemble a swing set that fits your needs and that your kids will have a blast using. Get tutorial here

Add a pergola and lattice to your space

Block the sun and add some character to your patio with a stunning wooden lattice pergola. Get tutorial here

Use leftover bricks to make a fire pit

Create a mini backyard retreat for yourself with a brick fireplace as the final touch. Get tutorial here

Put up colorful string lights

Give your outdoor space a cozier vibe by hanging LED string lights around your patio. Get tutorial here

Host a lovely picnic on pallet boards

Invite family and friends over for a picnic using pallets as low tables. Get tutorial here

Refinish your faded outdoor furniture

Apply stain to your faded outdoor furniture for beautiful results that’ll make it look brand new. Get tutorial here

Dress up your space with billowy curtains

Transform your patio with curtains and lights to make your space feel cozy and inviting. Get tutorial here

Add a gravel patio with solar string lights

Grab a cold drink and some friends, and relax on your new lighted gravel patio. Get tutorial here

Create a wildlife pond in your yard

Attract frogs and dragonflies to your yard with a lovely wildlife pond. Get tutorial here

Assemble a beautiful backyard swing

Sit back and relax in your yard on your brand new wooden swing. Get tutorial here

Put down adorable stepping stones

Mold colorful stepping stones in the shape of buttons to add a fun path to your yard. Get tutorial here

Build a reclaimed wood tree bench

Encircle a large tree in your yard with a bench for a convenient, shaded place to sit. Get tutorial here

Plant a beautiful garden

Make over your yard with lots of new plants for a beautiful garden space. Get tutorial here