Build a stylish table and benches

Create a stylish wooden table with matching benches for the perfect place to dine outdoors. Get tutorial here

Make citronella candles in coconut shells

Ward off any mosquitos trying to put a damper on your summer nights with these coconut candles. Get tutorial here

Hang stylish lanterns

Wrap rope around a big plastic container to create a giant, stylish lantern to light up your space. Get tutorial here

Assemble a beautiful wooden table

Enjoy eating your meals in the lovely summer weather at your new, beautiful outdoor table. Get tutorial here

Light mosquito-repelling candles

Keep these cute, vibrant candles by your side to keep away pesky mosquitoes while you enjoy your time outdoors. Get tutorial here

Cover your outdoor table

Turn a shower curtain into an elastic tablecloth for your patio table to protect it from dirt and bugs. Get tutorial here

Make over your patio umbrella

Glue a round, patterned tablecloth to your tattered patio umbrella for a one-of-a-kind umbrella that’s ready to face another season in the sun. Get tutorial here

Hang cute solar lights

String up solar lights in your patio area to add a fun ambiance and coziness to your space. Get tutorial here

Refurbish your worn-out patio chairs

Give your patio chairs a much-needed makeover with new foam and upholstery for a whole new look. Get tutorial here

Build a stylish pergola

Create a comfortable outdoor living room for you to spend your time in this summer. Get tutorial here

Refresh your tired patio chairs

Get your old patio chairs ready for summer with a little bit of spray paint and re-covered cushions. Get tutorial here

Repel mosquitoes with a water candle

Make a wax-free candle with water and oils that will keep mosquitoes away and look nice as a centerpiece. Get tutorial here

Add a lattice privacy screen

Put up a lattice privacy screen to get just the right amount of privacy that you need in your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

Hang billowy outdoor curtains

Transform your patio and add shade to it with outdoor curtains and fun lighting. Get tutorial here

Create pretty citronella luminaries

Spray paint empty paint cans to create lovely mosquito-repellent citronella luminaries. Get tutorial here