Transform simple mousetraps into tiny colorful fridge hangers

Prettify mousetraps with bright colors to turn them into tiny works of art to help keep your life organized. Get tutorial here

Make a faux grass spring decor box

Plant faux grass in a vintage wooden box with leafy stencils for a spring decor box that’ll look great on your mantel. Get tutorial here

Turn a metal basket into a rustic pendant light

Wrap your light cord with twine and attach a metal basket over the light for a rustic vibe. Get tutorial here

Use jute rope to transform a simple laundry basket

Create a chic decorative basket with an ombre effect using jute rope, felt, and some metallic paint. Get tutorial here

Glue pretty flowers to a dollar store vase

Cut out flowers from cardstock and glue them to a spray painted dollar store vase for a pretty vase that’ll look good in any room of your house. Get tutorial here

Decorate a mirror with driftwood

Add some coastal charm to your home with a beautiful sunburst mirror made from driftwood. Get tutorial here

Hang metallic pizza pan art

Spray paint metallic patterns on metal pizza pans for cool wall art. Get tutorial here

Make adorable photo magnets with gems

Stick pictures to gems for cute magnets to hang on your fridge. Get tutorial here

Light up your patio with fun shot glass lights

Give your backyard a nice soft glow using plastic shot glasses and LED string lights. Get tutorial here

Display plants in a tasteful picture frame terrarium

Build a terrarium for your plants out of picture frames for a lovely way to display your plants. Get tutorial here

Stack trash cans for a nautical side table

Attach a decorated charger plate to stacked wire trash cans filled with seashells for a pretty, coastal-themed side table. Get tutorial here

Create a refreshing vertical garden with pallets

Arrange faux succulents on pallet boards and hang them on your wall for a lovely vertical wall garden. Get tutorial here

Turn mirrors into a lovely centerpiece

Assemble a mirror box for your potted succulent plants for a super stylish centerpiece for your table. Get tutorial here

Use a trash can as a planter mold

Get a stylish Pottery Barn-inspired cement planter using a dollar store trash can as a mold. Get tutorial here

Make rustic orb wood accents from embroidery hoops

Put together embroidery hoops to make rustic orbs for farmhouse chic decor. Get tutorial here