Their rustic window pane frame

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Save a window pane door from the dump, and turn it into a giant picture frame with a shabby chic finish. Stick photos to the glass panes, and then hang the photo display on your wall to add a rustic touch to your home. Get tutorial here

A farmhouse-style photo block

Use an ordinary wooden block to create a sweet, rustic photo display. Paint the wood, and then wrap a woven decorative ribbon around it for a cute way to secure your favorite photo. Get tutorial here

Her high-end pedestal photo frames

Get a high-end, designer look using simple dollar store items. Put together cheap glass candleholders and photo frames to make fancy pedestal frames to display your photos in style. Get tutorial here

These artsy silhouette wall hangings

To decorate your wall in a fun and inexpensive way, start by taking a picture of someone’s profile (your child’s, your pet’s, or even your own). Print it out and glue it to black cardstock before carefully cutting it out and flipping it over for a beautiful silhouette. Attach it to a cheap metallic tray, and then hang it on your wall. It’s that easy! Get tutorial here

A sweet, loving frame

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you don’t know what to give your loved one this year, you’re in luck! This is the perfect gift. Frame a precious moment in a sweet ‘I Love You’ picture frame to express your true feelings. Get tutorial here

Her unique coat rack photo display

Turn an old window into a farmhouse-style coat rack that also doubles as a photo display. Tape cute family photos to the glass panes, attach some hooks to the frame, and - voila! - you’re done! Get tutorial here

His simple floating frame

Build a simple floating frame from scratch out of stained wood pieces. Place your canvas photo into the frame, and then hang it on your wall for a gorgeous way to display your family photo. Get tutorial here

These cute cabinet door frames

Repurpose thrifted cabinet doors in a way you probably never thought of before: as a vertical photo gallery. Display cute family photos in your living room in a unique fashion with a more modern take on the traditional gallery idea. Get tutorial here

Her fun, customizable photos

Get creative with Canva to create customized images with fun backgrounds. Print them out, and stick them in basic frames for the perfect gift for your loved ones to hang on their walls. Get tutorial here

A unique mountain range photo collage

Cut your pictures to fit onto triangular canvases, and then line them up on your bookshelf or mantel for a fun way to show off your photos in your living room. Get tutorial here

This romantic hula hoop picture frame

Transform a basic hula hoop using spray paint, sheer ribbon, and faux greenery and florals. Then, glue small prints to the ribbon strips for a romantic display of your most beloved photos. Get tutorial here

Her sweet tattooed photo planter box

Print cute pictures onto temporary tattoo paper, and then adhere them onto a wooden planter box for a beautiful, vibrant place to grow your flowers. Get tutorial here

Her adorable mini pallet photo frame

Remove dollar store canvases from their mini frames, and then glue craft sticks to them. Glue the frames together, and attach some faux succulents and family photos to them to create a super cute pallet photo frame for your wall. Get tutorial here

These stylish hanging frames

Hang your family photos in style! Staple enlarged photos to two stained wood strips for a simple but stylish way to hang them on your wall. Get tutorial here

Her special shadowbox frame

For only $10, you could preserve a special memory using a shadowbox frame. Stick your photos into the frame, fill it with shells, and draw on the glass to give it your own personalized touch. Get tutorial here

These sweet photo chargers

Create sweet wall decorations that double as tablescape decor. Glue photos to your plastic chargers, and then stick velcro Command strips to the back of them to allow you to hang them up on your wall when they’re not being used on your table. Get tutorial here