Make an assortment of tree bark vases

Add a little nature to your decor with pretty, affordable tree bark flower vases that are perfect as centerpieces. Get tutorial here

Turn them into beautiful paper vases

Place your tin cans in wallpaper vase cutouts for beautiful vases for your flowers. Get tutorial here

Cover them with bamboo

Cut up a bamboo placemat and wrap it around tin cans to make mini bamboo boxes. Get tutorial here

Upcycle them as a mirror frame

Flatten tin cans and attach them to a cardboard backing to create a sturdy metal mirror frame. Get tutorial here

Declutter your desk with a pretty organizer

Keep your desk tidy and clean with a tin can organizer that’ll add some color and style to your desk. Get tutorial here

Make cool butterfly ornaments

Decoupage your cans with pretty paper, and stick butterflies in them for festive ornaments. Get tutorial here

Create a stunning gilded utensil holder

Glue molds to your cans, paint them a bright color, and apply gilding wax to them for stunning decorative holders. Get tutorial here

Recycle them into super cute chunky knit planters

Braid polymer clay and attach it to a tin can to create a chunky knit effect on your new planter. Get tutorial here

Repurpose them as unique handbag planters

Add leather straps and scraps to your tin can to make a unique handbag planter that can hang easily. Get tutorial here

Make over a wall with tin can organizers

Put together a craft supply wall organizer made out of decoupaged cardboard and tin can organizers. Get tutorial here

Plant herbs in them

Punch holes in the bottom of your cans using a hammer and nail, and spray paint them copper to make trendy herb planters. Get tutorial here

Display mini succulents in them

Stick heart-shaped moss in the can, and plant baby succulents in it for an adorable mini succulent planter. Get tutorial here

Turn them into rustic tin vases

Add flowers to your prettily decorated rustic tin can vases. Get tutorial here

Hang stylish wall sconces

Light up your room with a stylish tin can wall lamp. Get tutorial here

Decorate adorable mini planters

Make your own cute painted flower pots with mini plant stands for your tiny plants. Get tutorial here

Spray paint beautiful succulent planters

Plant tiny succulents in your beautiful metallic planters to add an elegant vibe to your decor. Get tutorial here