An inviting firepit

Sit around your brand new brick firepit on warm summer nights and enjoy roasted marshmallows. Get tutorial here

These stunning drop cloth curtains

Turn drop cloths into stunning outdoor curtains to provide shade and a ton of ambience to your space. Get tutorial here

This original porch swing

Use a crib mattress to create an original, comfy porch swing. Get tutorial here

An outdoor pool lounge bed

Build yourself a great place for a nap in the shade, sunbathing, or for sleeping on a warm summer night. Get tutorial here

These much-needed shade sails

Shade your patio from the hot sun with shade sails to give you a safe, cool place to spend time in the summer. Get tutorial here

This mini firepit bowl

Put rocks and a wick into a bowl to create the perfect little firepit for a relaxing evening. Get tutorial here

A designated grill area

Lay concrete pavers in a bed of black river rocks, and then paint the background wall a dark color for a moody, eclectic grill area. Get tutorial here

This stylish patio bench

Transform old play equipment into stylish seating for your yard. Get tutorial here

A cute tabletop firepit

Create a mini firepit in a wooden box that is perfect to place on your table. Get tutorial here

This beautiful patio island

Make a beautiful entertaining island for your patio out of a repurposed dresser. Get tutorial here

A comfy porch swing bed

Build a super simple yet beautiful swing bed for your porch for a comfy place to relax outdoors. Get tutorial here

Refreshing Patio Loungers

Replace your chaise lounge mesh slings, and give the frames a fresh coat of paint to make them look as good as new. Get tutorial here

A gorgeous outdoor buffet

Repurpose an old door as the backing of a gorgeous buffet for your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

These single-seat porch swings

Hang single-seat swings from your porch to add a fun touch to it. Get tutorial here

A convenient deck railing bar top

Attach a bar top to your deck railing to add tabletop space for your snacks and drinks. Get tutorial here

This unique fire table

Build a unique fire table out of a recycled wine barrel and wire spool for your whole family to enjoy. Get tutorial here