A charming solar lantern

Bring some rustic charm to your yard with a warm solar lantern that’ll add a warm glow to your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

These bright, velvet planters

Give your tin can planters a luxurious makeover using spray paint and velvet ribbons. Get tutorial here

A unique framed mirror

Flatten your tin cans and attach them to a mirror frame to create a unique, textured piece for your wall. Get tutorial here

These pretty desk organizers

Add a pop of color and style to your desk for stress-free organizing with these pretty tin can organizers. Get tutorial here

A cute bamboo box

Wrap a bamboo placemat around your tin can, and mold a tasseled clay cover to create an adorable bamboo box to store your mini trinkets. Get tutorial here

These adorable bunny planters

Give your planters some personality with adorable bunny faces and pretty ribbons. Get tutorial here

A beautiful flower vase

Skip the glass vase, and cover a tin can in cinnamon sticks before filling it with flowers to make a beautiful centerpiece. Get tutorial here

These gorgeous butterfly ornaments

Pin paper butterflies to the inside of your tin cans to make gorgeous ornaments for your home or garden. Get tutorial here

This cheerful sunflower arrangement

Add faux patina and rust to your painted tin can, paste on a burlap label, and then add bright sunflowers and lavender for a beautiful pop of color in the middle of your table. Get tutorial here

These stunning jewelry holders

Make stunning gilded jewelry holders using hot glue and molds to elevate your tin cans from trash to treasure. Get tutorial here

This lovely picnic caddy

Create the perfect picnic caddy out of recycled tin cans to hold all of the silverware and napkins you’ll need for lunch. Get tutorial here

These easy wallpaper vases

Disguise your tin cans as vases with the help of pretty, patterned wallpaper cutouts. Get tutorial here

This colorful garden wind chime

Add some vintage, rustic decor to your backyard with this colorful wind chime made from cans of different sizes. Get tutorial here

These beautiful wall lamps

Turn tin cans into stylish wall lamps for a beautiful way to enhance your bedroom. Get tutorial here

A super cute clay planter

Give your tin can planter a super cute chunky knit effect using braided polymer clay. Get tutorial here

This classy herb garden

Update your tin can planters with some copper spray paint to give them a super elegant finish. Get tutorial here