Cover your brick fireplace with German schmear

Smear thinset on your brick fireplace with your fingers to add a rustic vibe to your living area. Get tutorial here

Relocate your hard-to-reach cabinet

Make the cabinet above your fridge more accessible by moving it forward to give the illusion of a deep cabinet. Get tutorial here

Install shiplap over your textured ceiling

Save yourself the hassle of removing your popcorn ceiling by nailing shiplap planks right over it. Get tutorial here

Paint your worn out leather chair

Restore your faded leather armchair with leather paint to give it a second chance at life. Get tutorial here

Update your wall with grasscloth wallpaper

Paste wallpaper to your ugly or bare wall for an inexpensive way to add character to your walls. Get tutorial here

Apply a whitewash to your old tabletop

Strip the polyurethane off of your table and refinish it with a whitewash to get the look you want. Get tutorial here

Create a bathroom bench from an unused tub

Turn your unused bathtub into a cozy bathroom bench where you can lay out your clothes or give yourself a pedicure. Get tutorial here

Use vinyl shutters to hide an ugly utility meter

Make a stylish cover for your utility meter that’s removable for easy access and can double as an outdoor side table. Get tutorial here

Hide your microwave in a deep shelf

Build a decorated pantry with deep shelves to store your microwave so that it’s hidden from plain sight. Get tutorial here

Refresh your tired staircase with wood and riser designs

Give your old staircase a budget-friendly makeover with wood-covered treads and fun stencil designs on the risers. Get tutorial here

Give your shabby countertop a faux marble update

Update your counters with a beautiful realistic faux marble look made from epoxy. Get tutorial here

Revamp your laundry room with dramatic wallpaper

Put up dark wallpaper for a unique look to bring the walls to life. Get tutorial here

Place stylish peel-and-stick tiles on your floor

Redo your floor without the mess using peel-and-stick tiles to add a big new look to your laundry room. Get tutorial here

Get a faux barn door look with chalk paint

Paint real-looking barn doors on your boring closet doors for a country vibe in your home. Get tutorial here

Conceal a cluttered closet with a drop cloth curtain

Use a drop cloth to hide a messy closet and give your room a classy new look. Get tutorial here

Make over a stripped dresser with paint

Transform a completely stripped dresser with bright paint colors and a popping stencil design. Get tutorial here