This sweet ribbon carrot

Glue an orange ribbon to a piece of scrap wood in a zigzag pattern, and then add some greenery to it to make the sweetest decor piece in just a few minutes. Get tutorial here

These black and white ones

Stick to neutral tones of black and white with a bunch of fabric-wrapped styrofoam cones with eucalyptus pick stems that will still be considered Easter decor. Get tutorial here

This unique button carrot

Spray paint a bunch of buttons orange, and then string them together, adding grass and a twine bow at the top to create a uniquely adorable little carrot for your decor. Get tutorial here

Her giant outdoor carrots

Roll aluminum flashing into cone shapes, and then cover them with a baking soda mixture before painting them and placing them outside on your front yard to bring the Easter spirit to your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

This simple canvas sign

Decoupage two wooden carrots, glue them to a small canvas, and then hang your $3 sign on your wall using a funky, curled wire. Get tutorial here

These colorful spindle carrots

Repurpose old wooden spindles into Easter decor by painting them orange, gold, and purple for some colorful carrots with realistic green stems. Get tutorial here

This cozy spring pillow

Create a super cozy throw pillow for only $10 that’ll be the perfect fit for your spring and Easter decor by sewing fabric scrap carrots to a plain pillowcase. Get tutorial here

Her easy scrap wood ones

Create rustic-looking carrots from triangular scrap wood pieces for an easy Easter decoration for just $2. Get tutorial here

These tiny clothespin carrots

Take apart wooden clothespins, spray paint them orange, and then glue green yarn to them before reattaching them to make tiny little carrots to display in your home. Get tutorial here

Her dyed twine carrots

Shape cardstock paper to look like carrots, and then wind orange-dyed twine around them to add natural elements to your spring decor this year. Get tutorial here

This simple string art

Hammer nails into a wood board in the shape of a carrot, and then wrap a string around the nails to create a simple yet lovely piece of holiday art for your home. Get tutorial here

Her festive spring wreath

Wrap a twill ribbon around a wire wreath form before gluing twine carrots to it and finishing it off with a lovely bow for the perfect, festive wreath to hang on your wall or front door. Get tutorial here

These neutral burlap ones

Embrace the neutral color scheme with simple burlap carrots wrapped in twine and topped off with a few sprigs of fine faux greenery. Get tutorial here

Her pretty tulip door hanger

Bunch faux, orange tulips together into the shape of a carrot before adding faux greenery and a pretty bow on top for a beautiful spring door hanger. Get tutorial here

These cozy sweater ones

Cut the sleeves off of your old sweater, and wrap them around a styrofoam cone before adding a sweet ribbon bow for some super cozy carrot decor. Get tutorial here

Her cute jute spring carrots

Cut up a piece of cardboard into triangles, and then wrap them in twine to make cute natural-colored carrots to display in your centerpiece. Get tutorial here