Make a cozy color block corner

Bring a boring corner to life with color blocking and farmhouse-style shelves. Get tutorial here

Paint fun Dalmatian spots

Take the risk and go for an eclectic spotted accent wall Get tutorial here

Draw your own whimsical wallpaper

Use a Sharpie to draw your own faux wallpaper print right onto the wall. Get tutorial here

Add magical amethyst crystals to your brick wall

Install thin brick veneer in your home for a rustic vintage look, and then add some real amethyst crystals to make it feel really magical. Get tutorial here

Put up real thin bricks

Add a real thin brick accent wall to your dining room for a farmhouse vibe in your home. Get tutorial here

Marbleize your wall with glass pebbles

Glue glass marbles to your decoupaged wall for a cool design that reflects light. Get tutorial here

Design a colorful abstract mural

Grab some painter’s tape and make a bright geometric mural wall. Get tutorial here

Paint a colorful paint stem pattern

Fit the vibe of your eclectic, fun space with a bright patterned accent wall. Get tutorial here

Stencil a sophisticated background

Create a home office accent wall that makes the perfect Zoom background for your work calls. Get tutorial here

Apply a fabulous watercolor mural

Update your wall with a dramatic watercolor effect using Photowall wallpaper. Get tutorial here

Stamp out a simple pattern

Dab a sponge in paint, and lightly press it to your wall for a simple pattern that makes a big difference to the room. Get tutorial here

Distress the wall with four colors

Bring an Old World touch to your room with a multi-color stenciled grand headboard accent wall. Get tutorial here

Go with a bold geometric design

Install horizontal and vertical battens on your boldly painted wall for the perfect backdrop in your home. Get tutorial here

Overlap brightly painted circles

Give your wall a fun burst of color with a fuzzy orange watercolor design. Get tutorial here

Put up a rustic shiplap wall

Get a shiplap wall using white wooden planks to add some character to your closet. Get tutorial here

Drip colorful paint down your walls

Use syringes to squirt paint down your wall for a riot of color. Get tutorial here

Make a perfectly painted arch

Liven up your space with a brightly painted modern arch design. Get tutorial here

Paint a buffalo check pattern

Add character to your room with a buffalo check accent wall for a chic modern look. Get tutorial here