Etch neat coffee station containers

Rub etching cream over a stencil on glass jars to create neat containers for a perfectly organized coffee corner. Get tutorial here

Put up a lovely no-sew curtain

Dress up your bare window with a lovely, patterned curtain that requires no sewing. Get tutorial here

Build a convenient countertop organizer

Take two crates and put them together to create a convenient countertop organizer for your fruits and vegetables. Get tutorial here

Organize your pantry with labels

Use a clever packing tape hack to label everything in your pantry, keeping it organized. Get tutorial here

Hang items on a curtain rod

Arrange your usual countertop items on a rod to add more space to your small kitchen. Get tutorial here

Organize your spice drawer

Turn your messy spice drawer into a beautifully neat space that you’ll be bragging about nonstop. Get tutorial here

Turn old shutters into storage space

Rescue an old pair of shutters, and convert them into a farmhouse-style rolling cart that’ll add extra storage and counter space to your kitchen. Get tutorial here

Install simple open shelves

Add a farmhouse vibe and extra storage space to your kitchen by installing open shelves. Get tutorial here

Hang your measuring spoons on a washboard

Attach some chicken wire to a vintage washboard with a rustic finish for a convenient place to keep your measuring spoons. Get tutorial here

Customize handwritten pantry labels

Trace over printed letters to customize your pantry containers with handwritten labeling. Get tutorial here

Design a useful serving bar

Put up a serving bar in your living room for additional entertaining space for when you have guests over. Get tutorial here

Build a cute breadbox

Create an adorable breadbox in the shape of a house in under an hour. Get tutorial here

Put up a lovely, faux Roman shade

Make a faux Roman shade using some material and four tension rods to keep your kitchen cool on sunny days. Get tutorial here

Spray paint pretty clothespin trivets

Break apart clothespins to make pretty trivets with a spray paint finish. Get tutorial here

Make a beautiful lazy Susan

Use the foil transfer method to decorate your new lazy Susan with a beautiful metallic rose print. Get tutorial here

Decorate farmhouse-style planters

Plant your herbs in distressed terracotta planters to add a farmhouse vibe to your kitchen. Get tutorial here

Cover your lights with lampshades

Upgrade your basic builder grade light fixtures into faux high-end pendant lights using lampshades. Get tutorial here

Mount your spices under your cabinet

Screw your spice-filled jars onto your cabinet-mounted lids for a unique way to store your spices. Get tutorial here