Put up an outdoor projector screen

Host an outdoor cinema night with a projector screen in a comfy shaded area. Get tutorial here

Make a fire pit with leftover bricks

Create a little backyard retreat with a permanent fire pit made from leftover bricks. Get tutorial here

Spray paint your patio umbrella a bright color

Add a pop of color to your patio by spray painting your old, ugly fabric umbrella. Get tutorial here

Repaint your faded outdoor furniture

Customize your outdoor furniture with a stylish painted design. Get tutorial here

Attach string lights to portable posts

Brighten up your patio area with twinkling string lights attached to portable posts. Get tutorial here

Turn drop cloths into stunning curtains

Hang drop cloth curtains to block out some of the sunlight and to add a cozy vibe to your outdoor space. Get tutorial here

Build a wooden pergola-style hammock stand

Get ready to lie back and relax on your new hammock even if you don’t have any strong trees in your yard. Get tutorial here

Create a customized grill landing pad

Lay evenly spaced pavers in your yard for the perfect place to keep your grill. Get tutorial here

Hang romantic sheer curtains on your patio

Make your outdoor space feel extra whimsical and romantic with twinkly lights and sheer curtains. Get tutorial here

Upgrade an old swing to a hammock

Recline in comfort on your new hammock made from an old porch swing.  Get tutorial here

Attach a bar top to your deck railing

Sit and enjoy dinner in your yard with a bar top deck railing made from gorgeous wood. Get tutorial here

Install a TV in a waterproof outdoor enclosure

Mount a TV on your house with a secure and waterproof outdoor enclosure to enjoy watching your favorite shows or sports games while outside. Get tutorial here

String solar lights around your fire pit

Create your own relaxing backyard fireside retreat with strung-up solar lights. Get tutorial here

Assemble a beachy backyard cabana

Pretend your backyard is an exotic getaway with an A-frame cabana. Get tutorial here

Add a convenient hot tub bar

Make yourself a convenient outdoor bar area to put your food and drinks while you’re relaxing in your hot tub. Get tutorial here

Get a beautiful Boho-chic pallet sofa

Style a pallet sofa with some wood stain and cushions for an outdoor seating area with a Boho vibe. Get tutorial here

Build a beautiful white pergola

Create an outdoor living room with a lovely pergola and beautiful bluestone pavers. Get tutorial here

Repurpose a mattress as a swinging bed

Hang an old mattress in your yard for a durable swinging bed that could hold your whole family. Get tutorial here