Her gorgeous geometric patterned dresser

Cover your solid, boring dresser with a beautiful geometric pattern using a pale color scheme for a trendy finished look. Get tutorial here

This cottage-style accent wall

Add warmth and texture to your room by putting cedar shake shingles on your wall to get a cottage vibe. Get tutorial here

Her simple sponge-painted walls

Save money on wallpaper by using a sponge to create a soft, soothing accent wall. Get tutorial here

This eye-catching wallpapered dresser

Apply vibrant wallpaper to your dresser to add a bright pop of color to your room. Get tutorial here

A gorgeous coastal accent wall

Run wooden boards vertically along your wall to add instant texture and a soft, coastal vibe to your room. Get tutorial here

These brightly colored bookshelves

Stick colored backing to your built-in bookshelves to add some interest and a pop of color to your space. Get tutorial here

An elegant gold lamp

Rub a metallic gold wax finish onto your lamp to give it an elegant look. Get tutorial here

Her high-end wingback headboard

Build a wingback headboard from scratch to give your bedroom a high-end vibe. Get tutorial here

A beautiful decorative ceiling border

Paint a subtle, elegant design along your ceiling to add some soft, faux texture and color to your bedroom. Get tutorial here

Their gorgeous board and batten wall

Create a gorgeous feature wall with a traditional rectangular board and batten design. Get tutorial here

Her refreshed, faux velvet bed frame

Paint your fabric bed frame with chalk paint to give it a much-needed update, leaving it with a velvety appearance. Get tutorial here

This Boho-chic paint job

Incorporate a gorgeous arch design onto your wall to infuse your room with a Boho-chic vibe. Get tutorial here

These vintage dresser knobs

Decoupage your plain dresser knobs with a floral graphic to add a vintage vibe to your furniture. Get tutorial here

This bright, tropical accent wall

Update your bedroom with a bright board and batten wall finished with patterned wallpaper for a modern, tropical feel. Get tutorial here

A beautiful cane headboard

Put together a beautiful cane headboard for your bed to add a soothing, neutral color tone to the room. Get tutorial here

These gorgeous faux barn doors

Make over your plain, ugly closet doors with chalk paint to create gorgeous faux barn doors. Get tutorial here

Some quirky wallpaper

Give your room texture and depth by putting up some funky faux rock wallpaper. Get tutorial here

This simple accent wall

Elevate your room from boring to bold with this simple black and white accent wall. Get tutorial here