Her convenient message board

Upcycle cabinet doors into the cutest message boards in just 30 minutes. Just paint them with chalkboard paint, season them, and then write down your to do lists so you never forget anything important. Get tutorial here

A stylish jewelry holder

Keep your necklaces and bracelets visible and in one place with a stylish wooden organizer for just $20. Hang the organizer on your closet door to make it easy to choose what to match with your outfits each day. Get tutorial here

Her clever silicone tube rack

If you love crafting and have an abundance of sealants, caulks, and glues, this idea is for you. Build a silicone tube holder on your garage wall to easily and neatly store your many tubes, jars, and cans without taking up any floor space. Get tutorial here

This under-the-bed storage idea

Toy organization is often a struggle, especially if you have a small home. Try repurposing your child’s rolling trundle bed as storage. Simply remove the mattress, attach plastic bins to the frame, and - voila! - you’ve got hidden storage. Get tutorial here

Her modern, farmhouse drop zone

Create a drop zone at the entryway of your home that is both organized and trendy. Give it a modern, farmhouse vibe with a lovely paint job and shiplap. Install as many hooks and shelves as you need to keep your home neat. Get tutorial here

This hidden sliding pegboard

Solve two issues at once with a sliding pegboard. Install a hidden pegboard in your cabinet to organize your clutter within reach and without taking up any wall space. Slide it out when you need to access it, and then tuck it away behind cabinet doors when you don’t. It’s so simple and clever! Get tutorial here

Her cute pegboard jewelry holder

Cut up a pegboard and turn it into the perfect little jewelry holder. It’ll keep all of your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings together in one spot and will look super cute on your dresser. Get tutorial here

A useful bracelet holder

Do you have too many bracelets cluttering up your space? Make yourself a cute wooden holder using old chair legs to keep your bracelets organized and not strewn all over the place. Get tutorial here

This organized window calendar

There are so many things to do in life, and it can be challenging to keep up. Hang an old window on your office wall, draw a calendar on it, and then stick Post-it notes to it for an easy way to stay on top of your to do list. Get tutorial here

Her neat kitchen counter filing system

Everyone is familiar with the endless amount of paper clutter that somehow accumulates on the kitchen counter. Not only does it cause an unsightly mess, it just keeps growing and growing, burying important documents underneath everything else. Get it quickly under control with a regular wicker basket and some labeled folders that'll blend in with your kitchen decor and keep you sane. Get tutorial here

This stylish entryway organizer

Build a simple and minimalist entryway wall organizer for your home that is designed to keep your wallet, keys, and mail organized and easily accessible when you enter or leave your home. Get tutorial here

Her simple scrap wood rack

When you start having too many crafting tools to know where to store all of them, turn to your stash of scrap wood, and create the perfect rack in just one hour. Get tutorial here

This easy coat organizing trick

It’s incredibly frustrating when you can’t locate your coat among the large number of coats in your closet. For a simple solution, grab some washi tape, and wrap it around your hangers to make it incredibly easy to spot which coat belongs to you. Get tutorial here

Her groovy hat hanger

Whip up your own, very easy DIY hat storage in minutes from bits you may already have lurking about the house. When your growing collection of hats overwhelms your limited space, create a hanging solution using rope and clothespins. Get tutorial here

A handy pocket organizer

There’s often not enough counter space in your small bathroom. Sew yourself a fabric pocket organizer for your bathroom wall to help keep your accessories organized and in sight. Get tutorial here

This modern shoe rack

Stop tripping over the mountain of shoes in your closet, and instead, install a super simple shoe rack on your wall. Using the popular slat wall technique, this accent piece will look super sleek and modern and definitely gives your space a personal touch. Get tutorial here

Her chic BBQ grate organizer

Turn an old BBQ grill rack into something glamorous. Thread a piece of leather through it, and then decorate it with fun, bright accessories for a chic, one-of-a-kind organizer for your space. Get tutorial here

This convenient entryway pegboard

Stop misplacing your keys and other small items every day by conveniently storing them on a versatile entryway pegboard. It’s easy to make, budget-friendly, and totally customizable to fit your space and your needs. Get tutorial here

Her unique decorative rack

Transform an antique printer drawer with some stain, fill it with small bottles or mini decor items, and then hang it on your wall as a unique piece of decor. Get tutorial here

A creative office organizer

Never underestimate the power of an old, ugly door. With a bit of TLC, you could turn that neglected door into a special office organizer to help keep your life and tasks in order. Get tutorial here

These prettified binder clip cord organizers

Nothing looks more cluttered than a wad of charging cords piled on the counter or stuffed in the corner of your desk drawer. For a total of zero dollars, you could organize your cords using supplies you already have in your junk drawer. Stick washi tape onto binder clips for an easy and pretty way to stay organized. Get tutorial here

Her clever poster board storage hack

Whether you’re a crafter, photographer, or mom of junior high kids, you’ve probably got poster boards on hand. Poster boards are a staple for so many projects, but they’re hard to store and organize…until now. Using two unexpected items - a picture ledge and a bungee cord - store your poster boards neatly out of the way and safe from damage. Get tutorial here