Make over a plain cabinet with beautiful cane

Transform a plain old cabinet into a Boho beauty with a coat of paint and some cane. Get tutorial here

Repurpose a spare embroidery hoop as a spring wreath

Give new purpose to an unused embroidery hoops and create a pretty Boho-inspired spring wreath for your front door. Get tutorial here

Upcycle a frame for funky wall decor

Repurpose a frame you already have into a creative Bohemian wall decoration. Get tutorial here

Turn inexpensive dowels into a stylish blanket ladder

Get yourself a stylish Anthropologie dupe ladder using dowels and a plumbing tube for a quarter of the price. Get tutorial here

Tie eucalyptus branches to a dowel for a natural wall hanging

Hang natural decor on your walls to enhance your space with greenery and earthy tones. Get tutorial here

Sew an Anthro-inspired fabric pocket wine rack

Mount a gorgeous, pocketed wine rack made from a fabric table runner. Get tutorial here

Knot a round, fringed macrame coaster

Make a macrame coaster that is so easy, even a beginner could do it. Get tutorial here

Serve snacks in an updated Boho serving dish

Update your old serving platters and bowls with paint for awesome new stylish dishes. Get tutorial here

Spruce up your jars with macrame covers

Add a Boho vibe to your decor with beautiful macrame jar covers. Get tutorial here

Incorporate a Boho vibe into your decor with a simple wall hanging

Put up a simple but beautiful painted fabric wall hanging with a tasseled trim. Get tutorial here

Dye a Boho chic basket for fun, colorful decor

Give your home that global Boho style with chic dyed baskets that you could make yourself. Get tutorial here

Embrace bold colors with fishy wall art

Get creative with colors and patterns to make fishy boho decor. Get tutorial here

Cover your wall in modern half moon wall art

Make your wall look high end with mid-century modern wall art made from inexpensive plywood. Get tutorial here

Embroider a rock for a uniquely earthy paperweight

Felt a rock from your garden and embroider a simple leaf pattern on it for an easy, natural paperweight. Get tutorial here

Hand paint Boho style throw pillows to match your decor

Match your throw pillows to your color scheme with hand painted designs. Get tutorial here

Hang trendy raffia mirrors with fringes

Bring a Boho feeling into your home with natural materials and color tones. Get tutorial here

Get a Boho-inspired light fixture using skewers

Replace your light fixture with a $7 handmade Boho-inspired wooden fixture. Get tutorial here

Turn a tree stump into a rustic side table

Put together a beautiful side table that blends natural elements with slick polish for rustic charm. Get tutorial here

Add a Boho vibe with a macrame pendant light

Give your room a little Boho feel with a knotted macrame light fixture. Get tutorial here

Create a Boho chic faux fur chair for cheap

Make an expensive-looking chair without breaking your budget using a dry brush weathered wood finish and faux fur. Get tutorial here