Hang up a leaf wreath

Adorn your door or wall with this neutral-colored wreath for the perfect leafy decor. Get tutorial here

Stuff your own floor pouf

Add extra seating to your living room without breaking the bank with a multipurpose floor pouf. Get tutorial here

Update your accent pillows with beautiful roses

Revive your basic sewing skills to create these tasteful, textured pillows to give a cozy feel to your home. Get tutorial here

Display song lyric wall art

Personalize a room in your home with this fun, meaningful piece of art. Get tutorial here

Make yourself placemats

Eat like royalty atop these hand painted, washable placemats. Get tutorial here

Dress your bed in a no-sew bed skirt

Add the finishing touches to your bedroom with an easy-to-make, pleated bed skirt. Get tutorial here

Lay down a homemade rug

Design your own patterned floor cloth to fit any floor space in your home. Get tutorial here

Design new curtains

Make over a plain drop cloth curtain with stencils and paint for a dramatic new look. Get tutorial here

Top your table with a hand-painted table runner

Keep your home atmosphere casual but classy with this DIY table runner. Get tutorial here

Spruce up your lampshades with ruffles

Texturize your lampshades to add character and dimension to your home. Get tutorial here

Turn your drop cloth into an art canvas

Save money on expensive artwork by building your own canvas and painting it to add color and personality to a room in your home. Get tutorial here

Change up your throw pillows

Freshen up your decor with stencils and a drop cloth to make outdoor-themed throw pillows. Get tutorial here

Decorate your stools with drop cloth rosettes

Revamp your plain, old stools with drop cloth rosettes to add a touch of whimsy to them and make them worthy of display in your home. Get tutorial here

Adorn your walls with pennant signs

Add a charming touch to your walls with your favorite sayings on these easy-to-make pennants. Get tutorial here

Attach a no-sew crib skirt

Use basic materials to create a ruffled crib skirt for the perfect addition to your child’s nursery. Get tutorial here

Keep unsightly storage out of sight by putting up curtains

Hide your clutter from view quickly and inexpensively with these drop cloth curtains. Get tutorial here

Transform your old chair

Reupholster your favorite old chair to give it a new look and to refresh your living room. Get tutorial here

Protect your table with a stenciled tablecloth

Host a meal using a homemade tablecloth to add a pop of color to your table and impress your guests while you’re at it. Get tutorial here

Hang cabinet curtains

Replace your cabinet doors with washable curtains to add some flair to your kitchen. Get tutorial here

Cover your couch in half an hour

Drape a drop cloth over your couch to protect it and to neutralize the color, allowing it to blend in with and match the rest of your furniture. Get tutorial here