A giant slip and slide

Keep your kids entertained and outdoors making memories with a super speedy slip and slide. Get tutorial here

This flamingo ring toss

Stick dollar store flamingos into your grass, and then toss plastic rings onto them for a fun time for all. Get tutorial here

An outdoor movie screen

Create an outdoor cinema using a painted drop cloth screen. Get tutorial here

These clay bug garden stakes

Decorate your planters with bright, cheerful clay bugs on sticks. Get tutorial here

A PVC pipe soccer goal

Kick a ball right into your homemade soccer goal made with PVC pipes and netting. Get tutorial here

This giant outdoor Jenga game

Build a giant, weatherproof Jenga game that’ll keep both adults and kids entertained for hours. Get tutorial here

An outdoor science discovery center

Let your kids explore the world around them through science and pretend play with this discovery center. Get tutorial here

This rope tic-tac-toe board

Challenge your kid, spouse, or friend to a competitive game of tic-tac-toe in your backyard. Get tutorial here

A cable spool seesaw

Turn a wooden cable spool into a fun seesaw for your kids to enjoy this summer. Get tutorial here

This frisbee golf course

Make a fun frisbee golf course with some tomato cages and dollar store laundry baskets. Get tutorial here

These DIY lawn dice

Create hours of fun for your family with smooth, stained wooden dice blocks. Get tutorial here

A quick outdoor tent

Add shade to your yard with a simple tent made from an old duvet cover. Get tutorial here

This fun horseshoe pit

Line your horseshoe pit with wood, and then fill it with sand to be ready for a round of horseshoes. Get tutorial here

A good, old-fashioned fort

Build a fort where your kids’ imaginations could run wild. Get tutorial here

This soda bottle sprinkler

Poke holes into a recycled soda bottle, and attach it to a hose to make a fun sprinkler for your yard. Get tutorial here

These brightly painted cornhole boards

Spray paint cornhole boards with a cute striped design, and then get a good game going. Get tutorial here

This water gun organizer

Store your kids’ water guns on a cute hanging unit designated precisely for this purpose. Get tutorial here

These giant dominoes

Paint wooden blocks with a base coat and dots for fun, giant dominoes for your yard. Get tutorial here

An American ninja warrior course

Create a fun obstacle course for your kids to practice being ninjas. Get tutorial here

This canopy-covered sandbox

Build your own Pottery Barn-inspired sandbox complete with a canopy to keep your kids entertained all summer. Get tutorial here

A tarp-covered climbing wall

Let your kids use up their energy climbing this wall built exactly for that purpose. Get tutorial here

This pretty water play table

Keep your kids occupied and cool with a simple water play table. Get tutorial here

An outdoor acrylic easel

Give your budding artists a huge canvas to paint their masterpieces on. Get tutorial here

This PVC water sprinkler

Put together punctured PVC pipes to create a structure that sprays water for your kids to run through. Get tutorial here

A fun outdoor xylophone

Make a xylophone from the top rail of a chain link fence for a fun musical activity for your kids. Get tutorial here