Put in drawers underneath your bed

Add copious drawer storage under your bed using an upcycled dresser. Get tutorial here

Make a rolling storage drawer for under your bed

Store your shoes (or anything else) under your bed in a drawer with added casters. Get tutorial here

Construct custom built-in shelves in your wall

Open your wall and build shelves right into it for additional storage space. Get tutorial here

Use the gap between your fridge and wall for a hideaway pantry

Hide a stocked mini pantry next to your fridge to maximize your food storage space. Get tutorial here

Build a hallway and closet into a storage room

Enclose your space with walls and a door for a room dedicated entirely to storage. Get tutorial here

Put up a separation wall made of wooden crates

Create some separation between areas in your home while simultaneously adding storage space. Get tutorial here

Mount a magazine holder on the side of your cabinet

Add vertical storage to empty kitchen space for your magazines and cookbooks. Get tutorial here

Make a tire seat that opens

Upcycle a used tire to create a stool that opens and can store magazines or small objects. Get tutorial here

Install an industrial pot rack

Hang your pots and pans on the wall to free up kitchen cabinet space. Get tutorial here

Add a freestanding over-the-toilet cabinet

Use the wasted space over your toilet to make use of a ton of storage opportunities. Get tutorial here

Put together a simple wood crate desk

Assemble a cheap desk that is perfect for homeschooling or working from home that has storage for school supplies and books. Get tutorial here

Make a diamond tufted storage ottoman

Add more seating to your living room with hidden storage underneath. Get tutorial here

Hang rustic floating box shelves with hidden storage

Put up charming stained wooden shelves that double as hidden storage boxes. Get tutorial here

Add quick shelf space with an IKEA hack

Buy stacked shelves to squeeze into a narrow space in your bathroom. Get tutorial here

Get instant shower storage with a tension rod

Use a tension rod, shower baskets, and some curtain hooks to create more shower space. Get tutorial here

Store pillows and blankets inside your industrial coffee table

Make an industrial coffee table with storage using an IKEA bookcase as the shell. Get tutorial here

Put down plastic flooring in your attic for more storage space

Place a sturdy lightweight plastic floor in your attic to make use of all that space. Get tutorial here

Mount a storage unit on your closet door

Add space to your small closet with shelves for your shoes attached to the door. Get tutorial here

Turn a filler panel into a pull-out cabinet

Reclaim wasted cabinet space and build a custom cabinet into the space the filler occupies. Get tutorial here

Use cable straps to maximize closet space

Discover the hidden potential space in your closet using cable straps. Get tutorial here

Assemble a window seat with drawer storage

Install a sleek window seat with drawers for the perfect place to sit and store your stuff. Get tutorial here

Upcycle a headboard as a storage bench

Transform an old headboard into a bench with a shelf underneath for storage. Get tutorial here

Add ladder shelves in dead space behind your door

Get creative with dead space with a rung ladder that will instantly add shelving to your room. Get tutorial here

Make a furry stool with inner storage

Put together a sturdy stool with a comfy cushion and hinges to open and close it. Get tutorial here

Store shoes in your entryway bench

Keep your shoes organized in an entryway bench that doubles as a shoe rack. Get tutorial here