Repurpose mason jar lid rings into primitive wreath ornaments

Make sure you rip your fabric strips to get that rough and rustic look.  Get tutorial here

Bake yourself some deliciously scented Christmas ornaments

Check out these heavenly essential oil combos - special for the holiday season! Get tutorial here

Up your cute factor this Christmas with mini snow globe ornaments

Fill them with tiny trees, sleighs, bells, and all those other miniatures that make you coo! Get tutorial here

Upcycle tuna cans into playful 3D butterfly tree ornaments

Perfect for added color, character, and even a touch of spring! Get tutorial here

Keep it simple with cookie cutter Christmas ornaments

Leave them as is or glue on old book pages for a unique look. Get tutorial here

Mix up some natural salt dough ornaments

Write on your favorite season’s greetings, or string them into a garland.  Get tutorial here

Celebrate the gift of song with sheet music ornaments

Press the paper into a small embroidery hoop and add a festive bow. Get tutorial here

Sweeten your tree with farmhouse style beaded candy canes

The mature, wooden version of those tacky second grade crafts! Get tutorial here

Turn scrap wood into rustic Christmas ornaments

Stencil on your favorite season’s greetings, and add a little jingle bell, ‘cause, why not? Get tutorial here

Repurpose Jenga blocks into simple ornaments

Stencil on important words from the Christmas story for added meaning.  Get tutorial here