Maximize visual flow with a wall mural

Order from Photowall’s gorgeous collection of photo murals to connect different rooms and make your home look more spacious. Get tutorial here

Get that funky wallpaper look for next to nothing

Decorate your walls with whatever pattern you want using this DIY faux wallpaper trick Get tutorial here

Reuse plain white sheets to easily transform any space

With a little creativity they can become curtains, a canopy, or the canvas for a beautiful painted wall hanging. Get tutorial here

Get great tips for a bedroom makeover on a budget

Upcycle baskets into lampshades, add a mirror, and pop by a thrift store for forgotten treasures,  Get tutorial here

DIY a striking wooden slat wall

Use some bold paint and plywood to create this gorgeous accent wall without breaking the bank Get tutorial here

Create a bohemian vibe with a whimsical macramé curtain

Use a combination of different knotting techniques to add even more texture. Get tutorial here

Go black and white to add high contrast to your space

Check out the black accent wall and stunning tiles in this super chic bathroom. Get tutorial here

Go geometric with a hexagon tile floor

Break up any space by transitioning from hexagon tiles to whatever flooring you have in the rest of the room. Get tutorial here

Bring nature in with a rustic tree branch curtain rod

It’s easy, free, and makes your house look like an enchanted forest!
Get tutorial here

Turn your wall into a masterpiece

Check out this super easy painting technique to make an accent wall with gorgeous color and style.

Get tutorial here

Take your “square” walls to the next level

Use bold colors, sleek trim, and funky decorations to spice up walls that have preexisting square designs. 

Get tutorial here

Create an accent wall with funky vinyl stickers

Choose, measure, and stick - and voila - your room just became beautiful!

Get tutorial here

Transform your home office into a clean, modern space

Add a “mega desk” along an accent wall and a faux marble chair mat for easy sliding.

Get tutorial here

Dress up any bed with giant headboard art

Let your creativity run wild, and paint whatever design you want on a wood framed canvas.

Get tutorial here

Get color, pattern, and texture with a stunning linen fabric wall finish

The mesmerizing mandala stencil design with the soft linen look creates a cozy chic vibe.

Get tutorial here

Brighten up plywood floors with rainbow stripes

Use a dry brushing treatment after painting to tone it down a notch.

Get tutorial here

Upcycle old baskets into a country-style statement wall

Add color, texture, and charm with different sized straw baskets in warm, natural shades of beautiful.

Get tutorial here

Go desert chic with hand-painted cactus curtains.

The watercolor hues keep these spiky plants looking soft and dreamy.

Get tutorial here

Make your floors pop with a hand-painted floor cloth

Personalize this DIY project with whatever colors and patterns suit your style.

Get tutorial here