BEFORE: Metal Scraps (Like Gears and Keys)

Everyone's got some metal bits and bobs, and we're always so reluctant to toss them out! Instead of feeling guilty about that growing junk pile, turn those scraps into cool accents! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Steam punk resin coasters

Gears, keys, and random jewelry charms are the perfect elements of steampunk decor. Arrange some mini metal finds in a canning lid and cover them in resin for these eye-catching coasters. Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Empty soda cans

You can enjoy your caffeine boost without adding waste to your bin! There are lots of ways to reuse cans, but this pretty idea is our favorite! Get tutorial here

AFTER: A floral masterpiece

Cut that can into flowers and use some paint to make a mixed media piece of 3d artwork. The more cans you have, the more flowers you'll get! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Stray popsicle sticks

We don't recommend saving the sticks from your actual popsicles (though, you could do that if you wanted), but if you've got spare sticks floating around your home, there's so much you can make with them! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Trendy copper shelving

From plain to pretty! These little hexagonal shelves are very in right now and especially on a $2 budget, you can't go wrong! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Spare pipes and fittings

You might not love the idea of creating something beautiful from spare plumbing parts, but metallics are in, and that means all that glitters is gold, so you might want to peek around for pipes! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Designer napkin rings

Smoothed out and shined up, those miscellaneous metal pipes can turn into Anthro-worthy decor, ready to impress your guests and wow your family. Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Drinking straws

If you're like us, you're getting more and more uncomfortable using plastic drinking straws and then tossing them out. Maybe you've got your trusty metal straw on your hip at all times, who knows! Well, you can let go of that guilt, because there's actually a beautiful way to use straws, new or cleaned! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Hanging Himmeli decor

From small tabletop art to a large wall hanging, the options are great with this DIY. It's chic, it's modern, and it's basically free! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Empty tin cans

If you go through a lot of cans every week, you're sitting on a DIY gold mine! Storage, decor, gardening—you name it, a tin can can do it! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Floating lanterns

Add some LED's to a few cans to create a really serene and charming wall display. This works best with shallow cans, like tuna cans! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Old, pilling sweaters

You probably have a few worn-out sweaters sitting in your closet, right? Now might be a good time to gather them all up and create something amazing! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Geode rug

This no-sew rug requires a bunch of old sweaters, cutting, glue, and time. The end result is so worth it: a 100% one-of-a-kind custom rug. Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Grocery bags

Even paper bags pile up! Lucky for us, they make really great raw material for a bunch of smart projects. Save a few of yours for a DIY idea that will make your home more beautiful with minimal effort. Get tutorial here

AFTER: Rustic pendant light

With just a bit of folding, cutting, and tying, you can turn a paper bag into a rustic lamp, perfect for adding some mood lighting to any corner. The beauty of this project is that it's simple, inexpensive, and anyone can do it! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Tomato cages

If you've ever tried to grow your own veggie garden, you probably have a few of these gathering dust in your garage. The great thing about tomato cages is that their sturdy frame makes them a versatile base for so many DIY projects! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Garden chandelier

Who knew that a tomato cage and some chicken wire could end up being such a beautiful piece of patio lighting? Hang it over a table, or put it off to the side as a conversation-starter. Sometimes tomato cages are destined for greatness! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Glass bottles

Unfortunately, only about 10% of the glass bottles we use daily get recycled. But you know what's even better than recycling? Upcycling! Wash your bottles and get ready to create something cool! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Floating cactus planter

Get that rustic recycled look for your houseplants with this quick countertop planter. You don't have to grow cacti, but you've got to admit that between the glass bottles and the driftwood, this look is full of Southwestern dessert charm. Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Old keys

We've all got a few replaced or forgotten keys in our junk drawer. Use yours to add some organization to your home on a next-to-nothing budget. Get tutorial here

AFTER: Accessory rack

Hang your vintage jewelry on a vintage-esque rack, thanks to those spare keys! This project takes just a bit of bending and drilling, but the overall look is like something straight out of Anthropologie! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: The bottom of a can

There are a lot of storage uses for tin cans, but flip it over and you have a whole hidden canvas right there underneath! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Rustic desk clock

This little rustic clock is easily made in an evening and can be painted in any color to match your own style or decor! It's the dream upcycle! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Old chicken coop

It might seem like there's no way to reuse those really random Facebook Marketplace finds, but sometimes a previously-loved piece can add that unique vintage charm to your home. Get tutorial here

AFTER: Vintage coffee table

Nothing makes for great living room lounge conversation like a totally unique coffee table. The more interesting the find, the more interesting the story! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Thread-bare tires

Lots of people have a few tires stacked in their garage. It's time to move them to the garden! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Cute garden planters

Stack those spares into something super cute for your outdoor space. You could go for a generic caricature, an animal, or even a minion like this example here. Any of these would spice up your space and delight your neighbors! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Spare PVC pipes

They may look like some leftover plumbing pieces, but PVC pipes could be turned into anything under the sun. Get tutorial here

AFTER: Artistic standing lamps

Carve and cut designs into the plastic walls to turn a few PVC pipes into a piece of glowing artwork. Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Magazines and catalogues

Once you're done reading those magazines and catalogues, cut them into strips and put them to even better use on your coffee table. Get tutorial here

AFTER: Boho lamps

Nothing attracts the eye like interesting lighting and these recycled lamps will definitely do the trick! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Old CDs and DVDs

We've come a long way since the days of CD players and DVD players, but that doesn't mean that these relics disappear from our drawers and cabinets. Luckily, there's still a lot you can do with them! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Shimmering reflective lamp

Use old CD's and pinewood to make a mellow feeling LED lamp. The reflective surfaces create just enough shine to give your tabletop a dreamy, gorgeous glow. Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Giant cardboard boxes

Next time you get something big delivered, hang onto that box, because it can open up a world of fun! This is just one way to use it, but there are so many more. Get tutorial here

AFTER: Children's play kitchen

Your kids will love this one! Plan a layout, draw it and use a box cutter where needed. Repurpose bottle caps as knobs and a plastic box for a sink and voila! Play kitchen ready to go! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Yesterday's newspaper

Save your papers for a a few days, because there's no material as easy to reuse as newspaper. Shred it up, grab some glue, and you're ready to go! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Furry decorative animal head

Whether you have a connection with Scotland or not, these faux animal busts are super in and you can’t deny the beauty of these beasts and how a piece like this could light up your home too. Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Thrifted salt and pepper shakers

If you have more than one set of shakers, let's be honest, you really only need one. Whether you have spares or not, these are so easy to find in every thrift store. Get tutorial here

AFTER: Sweet mini vases

Bud vases are a great way to brighten up any bookshelf or stand, and salt shakers make some super cute bud vases! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Tuna cans

As long as you really wash them well, tuna cans are a great shape for all kinds of DIY projects. Get tutorial here

AFTER: Upholstered pin cushion

Turn a clean can into a sweet little chair-style pin cushion in just a few steps. Could you even imagine a cuter way to store your sewing bits and bobs? Get tutorial here

BEFORE: A broken coffee table

This may look like it belongs in the dumpster, but there are many parts of a broken table and all of them can be reused to create amazing home decor! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Suitcase

Just pop an old suitcase onto those salvaged legs and you end up with a table that you can open for extra bedroom storage. Love it! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Cardboard tubes

Every household goes through a few paper towel and toilet paper tubes in a week, so it should take no time at all to save up all the supplies for this sweet display idea. Get tutorial here

AFTER: Standing picture display

Stack your tubes into a standing frame for any family photo. It's interesting, it's 3D, and it's a free way to make your photos pop! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Beer cans

Metal accents are a great way to brighten up empty corners, and cutting up beer and soda cans is a great way to get free metal accents! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Floral candle holders

Who knew soda cans could look this elegant, right? Cut up your cans, add some spray paint, and you're ready to light a candle and enjoy the shimmer and shine! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: The end of your glue bottle

When you're at the bottom of the glue bottle, we have a wild way for you to use those last few globs—turn them into totally unexpected decor! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Colorful curled luminaries

Make these luminaries in just a few steps with minimal supplies! They're cute, colorful, and great for dressing up a countertop. Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Mismatched buttons

Dump out your jar or box (or drawer!) of mismatched buttons to add a little ornamentation to your decor. Get tutorial here

AFTER: Acorn throw pillow

Use buttons to give a throw pillow any kind of accent or design you want on a $0 budget. Acorns are cute, but there are lots of cute ways to decorate for spring and summer, too! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Dented tomato cages

A tomato cage that doesn't stand up is no tomato cage at all! But it is the perfect material to turn into interesting furniture or accents. Get tutorial here

AFTER: Woven pendant lamp

All you have to do is wrap that tomato cage in yarn and you'll have mood lighting for any corner. Bend your lamp in any shape you like and mix and match string colors to get a look that works for your style! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Large cans

You may as well save all of your cans in every shape and size, because this accent is going to make your garden so much cuter for spring. Get tutorial here

AFTER: Song bird wind chime

It just takes a bit of paint and some printed images to make this tiered treasure for your garden. And the best part? It sounds just as beautiful as it looks! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Worn-out jeans

Whether your jeans are too big, too small, or just too shredded, you definitely don't want to toss them out! No material is as fun to craft with as denim, and this denim is free! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Woven storage baskets

Some basic sewing skills are needed for this DIY. Just cut your jeans into strips, braid them and sew them up. That's it! Instant, intelligent storage that also looks super cute! Get tutorial here

FROM: Can lids

Every time you open a can, stow the lid somewhere safe, to use it for sweet and simple rustic decor. Get tutorial here

AFTER: Farmhouse-style coasters

These simple coasters are instantly charming and require minimum effort to make. Can you say win-win? Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Outdated maps

If you've got an old book of maps hanging out in your car trunk, it's time to pull it out. Maps are a great way to decorate any bit of furniture or decor, so these are good to have handy! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Personalized map key chains

Never forget what door your key goes to again with this cute personalization trick for every key on your rack. Just decoupage the bit of the map with the correct address on your key fob! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Vintage egg basket

Vintage baskets are always great items to have handy, but instead of storage, it's time to think about some other ways to use these little wire carriers around your home. Get tutorial here

AFTER: Wire pendant light

Flip that basket upside down to make your ceilings glow with vintage charm. This is a trick you can actually do with any basket. The more beautiful the basket, the nicer the light fixture! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Old baking pan

If you're looking for an excuse to retire some old baking pans, there are plenty of DIY ways to turn them into something stylish for your home. Get tutorial here

AFTER: Memo board

Add paper, rope, and some ribbon to turn a spare pan into the prettiest personalized memo board. Grab some magnets and enjoy the instant organization. Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Cardboard packaging

Next time you order a delivery, don't forget to save the hidden treat that comes along with it—the packaging! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Cardboard furniture

Hang onto your cardboard boxes to make cute furniture that you can take apart and put back together when you need it. This design is great for picnics and 2021 outdoor events! Get tutorial here

BEFORE: Dirty paint brushes

When brushes are covered in dry, chipping paint, other people might throw them away, but we're holding on tight to copy this unique and eccentric art idea! Get tutorial here

AFTER: Paintbrush mobile

Use your favorite colored brushes to make your ceilings more interesting without spending a dime. Get tutorial here