Hang wicker baskets on your wall

This wall trend has been HUGE this year and we can totally see why. Find beautiful baskets at local dollar stores, thrift stores, garage sales or even in your own garage! Get tutorial here

Make an Anthropologie-inspired tassel chandelier

Boho decor might be pricey at certain stores, but this $31 tassel chandelier looks just as good as the one selling for $250. Get tutorial here

Hang an inexpensive rug on the wall

Boho decor doesn't mean only using bright colors. Pick up an inexpensive rug with muted colors to add beautiful texture to your walls. Get tutorial here

Use stencils to boost your patio decor

With Summer on its way, now's the perfect time to make your outdoor living spaces prettier and more comfortable! Get tutorial here

Make a eucalyptus wall hanging

There is nothing like having a little greenery around your home to completely energize the space. All you have to do is tie eucalyptus to a wooden dowel and you're good to go. Get tutorial here

Put art behind your bed instead of a headboard

Make a bigger statement in your bedroom by sectioning off the entire wall behind your bed. Hang a tapestry, or create your own artwork like this mom did. Get tutorial here

Glue yarn onto your ordinary planters

Bring a little bit of the 70's back with this adorable hanging boho planter. Get tutorial here

Paint simple landscapes on your pillow cases

This is a great way to bring your decade-old sofa back to life. You can even do this using pillowcases you already own! Get tutorial here