These patterned TP pumpkins

Wrap toilet paper rolls in patterned fabric, and poke a stick down the middle to create super cute pumpkins. Get tutorial here

A neutral fall wreath

Bunch up coffee filters and stick them to a straw base for a natural-colored fall wreath. Get tutorial here

These flannel cup cozies

Avoid burning your hands on your hot cup of coffee with the help of cup cozies made from an old, well-loved flannel shirt. Get tutorial here

A natural, pine cone wreath

Attach pine cones to a wreath form, and add whatever embellishments you would like for a basic, natural wreath to hang up in your home. Get tutorial here

These stylish, whitewashed pumpkins

Tone down the bright colors of dollar store pumpkins using white wax for a lighter, softer feel. Get tutorial here

A bright, leafy placemat

Glue fake leaves to a round piece of felt for a cute way to add a touch of color to your table. Get tutorial here

These delicious-smelling pine cones

Sprinkle cinnamon onto your pine cones, and then place them in a glass bowl for a lovely, scented display. Get tutorial here

This rustic burlap pumpkin

Transform an ugly dollar store pumpkin into a super cute rustic burlap pumpkin to add to your fall decor. Get tutorial here

These shimmering hot glue leaves

Make beautiful fall leaves using just hot glue and glitter. Get tutorial here

This pretty celery-stamped pillow

Use celery and paint to make a pretty fall pillow for your living room. Get tutorial here

These adorable citrusy jack-o'-lanterns

Infuse the natural scents of oranges and spice into your home with cute little jack-o’-lantern tealights. Get tutorial here

A unique floral centerpiece

Fill an apothecary jar with colorful popcorn kernels and bright flowers for a unique floral centerpiece.
Get tutorial here

These cute felted acorns

Gather some acorn caps from outside, and roll wool roving into balls to create a whole bunch of cute little acorns. Get tutorial here

A leafy, autumnal art piece

Grab a canvas and some colorful leaves to make some beautiful, rustic art that’s perfect for bringing the outdoors inside. Get tutorial here

These quick apple candleholders

Stick candles into apples for the easiest centerpiece you could make in just a few minutes. Get tutorial here

These festive candleholders

Paint over leaf-shaped cut-outs stuck to Mason jars to create cute, festive candleholders that are perfect for fall. Get tutorial here

This bright, patterned throw pillow

Turn a flannel shirt into a throw pillow for a creative, colorful, and thrifty way to add some color and texture to your fall decor. Get tutorial here

These long-lasting concrete pumpkins

Use a plastic pumpkin bucket as a mold for concrete pumpkins that can be left outside all month without rotting. Get tutorial here

This beautiful feather wreath

Attach gorgeous handmade yarn feathers to your wreath to create a beautiful decoration for your front door. Get tutorial here

These delicious-looking caramel apples

Dip apples into paint and dried corn pieces to create caramel apples that look good enough to eat. Get tutorial here