Organize your pantry

Pour cereal or other dry ingredients into airtight containers to keep them fresh for longer. Get tutorial here

Create a playful toybox

Glue patterned fabric to a lidded, plastic bin for a pretty, designated area for your children to store their toys. Get tutorial here

Declutter your messy drawer

Find inexpensive baskets that fit into your drawer to help section it out and make it organized. Get tutorial here

Put your shoes on your shelves

Clear up floor space by putting your shoes in clear containers and stacking them on your shelf. Get tutorial here

Hang them on your bathroom wall

Use cheap baskets to create additional storage space on your bathroom wall. Get tutorial here

Customize handwritten labels

Trace over printed letters to customize your pantry containers with handwritten labels. Get tutorial here

Label your pantry items

Use a clever packing tape hack to label everything in your pantry to keep it organized. Get tutorial here