Repurpose an umbrella as a vase wreath

Paint an umbrella and fill it with flowers for a creative, colorful door wreath. Get tutorial here

Upcycle rain boots into gorgeous decorated vases

Turn your ugly rain boots into vases for displaying pretty spring silk flowers. Get tutorial here

Hang a sweet daisy garland hoop

Cut and glue simple daisies for wonderful floral hanging decor. Get tutorial here

Create a blooming cabbage vase flower arrangement

Usher in spring and provide a centerpiece for your table with a blooming cabbage arrangement. Get tutorial here

Glue blossoms to twigs to make them bloom

Transform twigs into flowering branches with glued-on flowers to add fresh, springtime vibes to your home. Get tutorial here

Plant faux tulip bulbs indoors

Bring the spring feeling indoors with a tulip bulb planter. Get tutorial here

Put together a sweet spring nest centerpiece

Use faux tulips and daffodils to create a spring next centerpiece for a beautiful way to welcome spring. Get tutorial here

DIY Ikea-style paper poppy lampshades

Wrap crepe paper around a plastic bottle top for a voluminous poppy flower lampshade. Get tutorial here

Intertwine tulips for a beautiful spring wreath

Decorate your door with a cheery flower-covered grapevine wreath. Get tutorial here

Turn old bed sheets into simple fabric flowers

Watercolor faux fabric flowers with Sharpie to fill your house with spring decor. Get tutorial here

Display your faux spring florals in a wood wall pocket

Distress wood and create a beautiful hanging wall vase for your spring florals. Get tutorial here

Recreate fresh flowers by hand painting wooden ones

Hand paint everyday wood flowers to make a stunning arrangement of some of your favorite spring flowers. Get tutorial here

Press flowers for a pretty embroidery hoop sun catcher

Save and press the summer blooms from your garden and enjoy them all year round with a pretty sun catcher to hang in your window. Get tutorial here

Make spring flowers from plastic spoons

Put together spring flowers from plastic spoons and colorful pompoms for cute spring decor. Get tutorial here

Freeze beautiful floral ice candleholders

Spruce up your table with ice candleholders that are interspersed with pretty flower petals. Get tutorial here

Glue together a thistlewood twig vase

Cover a glass vase with spray painted white twigs for a rustic look that perfectly complements your flower bouquet. Get tutorial here

Stick flowers into a braided rope wreath

Add floral embellishments to a braided rope wreath that is perfect for an season or occasion. Get tutorial here

Cut faux dogwood blooms out of soda cans

Use a flower punch to cut flower shapes out of an aluminum soda can to create a gorgeous dogwood stem. Get tutorial here

Turn orange tulips into carrot door swag

Bunch orange tulips together into the shape of a carrot for cute festive door decor. Get tutorial here

Hang jars full of bright flowers

Liven up your gallery wall with a pop of color from hanging flowers. Get tutorial here