A bright rain gutter garden

Brighten up a plain fence with a colorful vertical rain gutter garden full of shallow root plants. Get tutorial here

This dry stack stone planter

Spruce up the area around your address sign with a stacked rock border, some mulch, and pretty flowers Get tutorial here

A pretty, repurposed waterfall planter

Repurpose a waterfall into a lovely planter that will be a pretty focal point in your garden. Get tutorial here

An unshaded flower bed

Plant flowers that grow well in the sun in an unshaded part of your garden. Get tutorial here

This wheelbarrow fairy garden

Create a miniature magical world that you can transport from indoors to outdoors depending on the weather. Get tutorial here

A relaxing little water garden

Install a water garden in your small outdoor space complete with a little fountain. Get tutorial here

This classy concrete edger

Surround your lush vegetable garden with a classy brick border. Get tutorial here

A vegetable garden from scratch

Grow your own produce from the comforts of your home garden. Get tutorial here

These brightly painted rock flowers

Enhance your outdoor space with colorful rock blooms. Get tutorial here

A tree base flower box

Make a shallow planter box filled with some flowers around a tree in your yard. Get tutorial here

This covered corner garden bed

Use a block wall as the third and fourth walls of your raised garden, and attach a hoop cover to minimize the number of critters in your garden bed. Get tutorial here

A pallet vegetable and herb garden

Upcycle pallets to build a raised vegetable and herb garden bed. Get tutorial here

These freshly planted peonies

Plant peony flowers in your garden that'll bloom into white stunners. Get tutorial here

A raised rocky garden bed

Build a raised garden bed that will blend in with the rest of your garden with a rock and flagstone border. Get tutorial here

This vertical teepee trellis

Amp up your garden with a cucumber plant that climbs up a teepee trellis. Get tutorial here

A tasty tomato garden

Grow tasty tomatoes in well-drained, nutritious soil in a sunny spot of your garden. Get tutorial here

This two-tier raised garden bed

Create an extra wide double-tier raised garden bed with wire protection and a rock border. Get tutorial here

A natural garden bed filler

Fill your raised garden beds with natural materials using the Hugelkultur method to save money on soil. Get tutorial here

This solar fountain planter

Make yourself a mini backyard oasis with a tiered solar fountain with a planter on the lower level. Get tutorial here

A restored deck garden

Restore the garden surrounding your deck with pretty flowers, mulch, solar lights, and a wood border. Get tutorial here