Her sweet Christmas favors

Give your terracotta pots some personality and holiday spirit using some paint, felt, ribbon, and a few other materials. Fill them with fun treats, and give them to your family and friends as sweet gifts, Get tutorial here

These farmhouse bells

Add a farmhouse, Christmas-y feel to your decor with some rustic bells. Paint them white before rubbing metallic accent cream on them for the look you want. They are easy to make and will be a lovely addition to your holiday display. Get tutorial here

An adorable Nutcracker soldier

Flower pots are a surprisingly versatile item, and you could make numerous different DIY projects out of them. This time, make an adorable Nutcracker soldier for your outdoor space. All you need is some paint and a creative mind (okay, a few other things, too, but we’re going for a dramatic effect here). Get tutorial here

These adorable tree decorations

Grab mini terracotta pots and ornaments to make the cutest decorations for your tree. Simply paint them and add cute drawn-on designs, glue the ornaments to the flower pots, and then hang them on your tree. Get tutorial here

Her festive flower pot Santa

Christmas is nearly here, which means Santa is coming to town! Bring him in early by creating your own cute flower pot Santa. Just stack 4 terracotta pots, add a belt and a beard (and a few other things), and he’ll be ready to greet your guests. Get tutorial here

A fresh-faced snowman

Winter is coming, and there’s no better way to get prepared than with a friendly flower pot snowman! Stack three white flower pots, and add one black one on top for the cozy hat. Give him a cute face, and stick on some sparkly ornament buttons and a stylish ribbon belt. Add a solar light to his hat, and then wrap him in a scarf for a cozy snowman to add to your winter decor. Get tutorial here

This sweet Christmas tree

Using unconventional materials is a fun way to create DIYs, so grab three terracotta pots of different sizes - small, medium, and large - to create a Christmas tree in just 30 minutes. Simply paint and embellish the pots, and that’s it! You now have a lovely holiday tree to display in your home. Get tutorial here

These pretty tulle trees

Stick a dowel rod into terracotta pots to create sturdy bases, and then cut up pieces of tulle to tie around the rods. Fluff up the tulle, and sprinkle glitter all over them to create the prettiest trees for your home. Get tutorial here

An eye-catching cactus tree

Liven up your festive decorations with a new Christmas tree. Using pool noodles, shipping tubes, and wire hangers, you could create an artificial cactus tree that will be a stunning focal point in your home this holiday season. Get tutorial here