These artsy sconce lights

Hang some battery-operated sconces above your family photos to add lighting to your space and to give it an art gallery vibe. Get tutorial here

A beautifully, intricate mudcloth pillow

Stamp mudcloth designs on your pillows to create unique patterns to decorate your couch or bed. Get tutorial here

This convenient fireplace mantel with storage

Maximize every inch of your space by adding smart storage in otherwise wasted space above your fireplace. Get tutorial here

A skinny sofa table

Give depth and the illusion of a large space by adding a sofa table to your living room for somewhere to place your coffee cup and other cute decor. Get tutorial here

Some charming, large wall art

Decorate a large wall on a budget with a lovely framed piece of fabric. Get tutorial here

This bold geometric accent wall

Create a dramatic accent wall with black paint and a geometric design. Get tutorial here

A wooden farmhouse ladder

Make a wooden blanket ladder without a hefty price tag using an old curtain rod and some wood trim. Get tutorial here

These rustic burlap walls

Add texture and personality to your living room by putting up burlap on your walls for a rustic vibe. Get tutorial here

An elegant bowl lamp

Turn a metal salad bowl and some scrap wood into an elegant floor lamp to combine natural beauty and modern design. Get tutorial here

These upcycled interior shutters

Get some much-needed privacy by upcycling closet doors into interior shutters. Get tutorial here

A sweet plant stand

Transform sweet vintage stools into little plant stands that’ll fit nicely with your home decor. Get tutorial here

These elegant wall sconces

Create luxurious candle wall sconces using bathroom plungers. Get tutorial here

A refreshing shiplap wall

Freshen up your home with shiplap on your living room wall to brighten your space. Get tutorial here

This stylish slatted wall

Put up stained wood boards on your walls and ceiling for an incredible bar area in your home. Get tutorial here

A stylish wall circle feature

Paint a wall circle feature on your wall, and add shelves for a stylish addition to your home. Get tutorial here

These large, simple framed prints

Cover a cut-up cardboard box in painted wallpaper, and then paint a simple design to make your own wall art. Get tutorial here

This wooden crate table

Stain wooden crates and screw them together to create the perfect coffee table with storage space for your home. Get tutorial here

A mid-century modern wall shelf

Assemble a funky shelf unit to add some character to your living room wall. Get tutorial here

These vibrant wall murals

Make over your living room will peel-and-stick wallpaper murals to add tons of color and personality to your space. Get tutorial here

A vintage hanging planter

Hang your greenery from vintage wood to add some charm to your indoor living area. Get tutorial here