A colorful, customizable rug

Coil rope and cover it in pom-poms for a very original, fun, and totally customizable rug. Get tutorial here

This fun, colorful yarn wreath

Hang a fluffy pom-pom wreath in your home for a fun pop of color. Get tutorial here

A fun Anthropologie knock off bouquet

Place your bright pom-pom flowers in a vintage vase to add some faux greenery to your home. Get tutorial here

This hanging Boho planter

Glue pom-poms to your trim-wrapped planter for a cute Boho vibe. Get tutorial here

A fluffy, cozy pom-pom rug

Keep your feet warm on cold mornings by stepping onto a cozy pom-pom rug. Get tutorial here

This lampshade with a new look

Update your plain lampshades with a coat of white paint and some classy pom-pom trim. Get tutorial here

These spring flowers made from plastic spoons

Put together cute flowers with a pom-pom center to spruce up your spring decor. Get tutorial here

This adorable pom-pom throw pillow

Sew pom-poms to your throw pillows for a fun addition to your living room. Get tutorial here

These lovely denim flowers

Make a whole bouquet of lovely denim pom-pom flowers to display in your home. Get tutorial here

This pink ribbon breast cancer awareness wreath

Cover your wire ribbon frame with pink pom-poms for a cute way to bring about breast cancer awareness. Get tutorial here

A rainbow wreath with chunky yarn

Tie white pom-poms to your colorful yarn-wrapped wreath for a fluffy cloud look. Get tutorial here

These gorgeous Boho-style denim pillows

Combine your denim scraps with vintage sari trim to make Boho pillows with fluffy corner pom-poms. Get tutorial here

This classy curtain with a playful touch

Add just the right amount of interest to plain curtains with a ruffle and pom-pom trim. Get tutorial here

A bright bunny mug cozy

Wrap your hot mug in an irresistibly cute crocheted bunny cozy. Get tutorial here