This handy lampshade plant stand

Repurpose a lampshade frame by attaching a wood slice to it to create a handy little plant stand to spruce up your space. Get tutorial here

A tall statement mirror

Get in on the latest trend with this stunning mirror that doubles as a statement piece for your living room. Get tutorial here

This glamorous pool noodle headboard

Cut pool noodles in half, and attach them to a wood board before covering them in fabric to create a glamorous headboard for your bed. Get tutorial here

This Boho chic rope mirror

Tie strips of soft, thick rope to a wire wreath form, and then glue a mirror and beads in the center for the cutest, Boho chic wall mirror. Get tutorial here

This nautical twine jar lantern

Glue decorative rope to a glass jar, and then fill it with sand, seashells, and an LED candle to create a charming lantern that’ll light up your table with a coastal vibe. Get tutorial here

Her beautiful sea glass lights

Spray paint glass bowls, and then thread fairy lights through them before placing them on your mantel for a beautiful sea glass light display. Get tutorial here

These stunning nautical decorative balls

Layer nautical netting around spray painted plastic ornaments, and then place them in a display bowl on your coffee table for a pretty coastal touch. Get tutorial here

Her farmhouse-style lanterns

Create decorative lanterns with just some paint sticks and a braided rope handle to add a farmhouse touch to your home. Get tutorial here

A simple pedestal bowl

Flip over a cup and glue a bowl to it, and then arrange a candle and some greenery in it for a simple yet pretty pedestal bowl. Get tutorial here

A stunning mirror dupe

Recreate a $270 designer mirror using just two packages of plastic Amazon plates and some gold leaf. Get tutorial here

Her gorgeous wood bead vase

Dye wooden beads in a container to make a gorgeous, high-end wood bead vase for your coffee table. Get tutorial here

This stylish riser

Attach small wooden dowels to an old photo frame to create a stylish riser for your kitchen accessories. Get tutorial here

A sweet, faux orange topiary

Add a pop of warm color and greenery to your home this winter with a beautiful faux orange topiary. Get tutorial here

These super cute throw pillows

Cut up fluffy bath mats, and glue the pieces to pillow covers for some cute, cozy throw pillows for your couch. Get tutorial here

Her simple Boho mirror

Transform your plain mirror with wooden balls to add a simple Boho vibe to your space. Get tutorial here

This pretty faux cherry blossom tree

Bring spring into your home early this year with a blooming cherry blossom tree that’ll add some sweet, soft color to your living room. Get tutorial here

Her gorgeous chinoiserie vase

Dab paint over a stencil on your spruced up vase to give it a gorgeous, faux chinoiserie look. Get tutorial here

A rustic bucket planter

Dress up a basic plastic planter with a thin layer of joint compound and some rocks for a rustic effect. Get tutorial here