Pancake & Cupcake Batter Dispenser

Eliminate messy drips when baking and making pancakes with this genius Pancake & Cupcake Batter Dispenser! Get tutorial here

Mango Slicer

No more sticky fingers and knives, this Mango Slicer just made cutting mangos A BREEZE! Get tutorial here

Herb Stripper

This herb stripper is the gadget we had no idea we needed until now! Get tutorial here

Vegetable Chopper

Less time chopping veggies and more time eating with family? This Vegetable Chopper is a huge time-saver! Get tutorial here

Watermelon Cuber

Impress guests by serving delish watermelon in NO TIME flat with this Watermelon Cuber! Get tutorial here

Sandwich Cutter and Sealer

Get kids excited about quick-and-easy sandwiches again with this Sandwich Cutter and Sealer! Get tutorial here

Reusable Straw Kit

These reusable straws aren't just great for the environment, they're beautiful too!  Get tutorial here

Stem Remover + Slicer

Cutting strawberries and other small fruit just got a whole lot easier with this Stem Remover + Slicer. Get tutorial here